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by Trinity Life Sciences | December 20, 2023



The following is a transcript of the above video, featuring two members of the Trinity Life Sciences team who interned with the firm before being hired.


Why Trinity? Hear from our former interns/current team members.

Lauren Tucker: Hi, my name's Lauren Tucker, and I am a consultant here at Trinity Life Sciences in Pod Emerald out of the New York office. 

Sejan Barr: Hi, my name is Sajan Barr. I'm a consultant in SA (Strategic Advisory). I'm in Pod Emerald and based in New York.

How did the summer internship experience help you decide to join Trinity full-time?

Sejan: The thing from my internship that ultimately made me choose Trinity was definitely the people. And I know people often say, oh, it's the friends that I've made, but Trinity truly has become like my family.

Lauren: One of the experiences that I really enjoyed, that led me to accept my full-time offer here, was just the willingness of current staff, MT, and leadership to really take the time and discuss with me their career paths, their stories, and insights as to what a career at Trinity would look like.

Sejan: Life sciences consulting with Trinity has been really cool because I kind of get to see the business side of medicine, but then also get to see the impact we have on people. We have a patient speaker series, which I thought was really cool when I first came to the company, and being able to hear how patients have experienced these medicines that have come to market has been really cool.

What do you love about Trinity’s culture?

Sejan: I feel like at Trinity very much so, the case is that you're working with your friends, you're working with people you care about. And because of that, you want to help them. You want to take on more, learn more, learn as much as you can from the people around you. The willingness to answer questions is really valuable here. I think no matter who you ping—whether it's a partner, whether it's someone on staff—within the next 30 minutes, you can more or less expect to get a response. I think everyone kind of has an open-door policy at Trinity.

What advice would you give to someone interested in life sciences consulting?

Lauren: My advice for anyone who's looking to intern or work at Trinity or a life science company would be to reach out to current employees and hear about their stories. Get some perspective on what they did to get there and how they enjoy their current work.

Sejan: In terms of advice that I would give to someone trying to enter into the space: try and be part of a consulting club, try and work with biotechs, work with that healthcare space. But I think more importantly than that, just be passionate about what you do. And whether that's something small, whether it's starting a club, whether it's writing for a newspaper. Whatever it is, just be really passionate about it and be unapologetic about it. I think everyone has their own story, and making sure that comes through, whether you're interviewing, whether you're talking to people. Everyone is a person. And I think as long as you show that side of who you are, that's the most important thing.

Lauren: Don't pigeonhole yourself into thinking that you have to have a particular background. I think something that makes my work experience so enjoyable is the fact that my colleagues and I all have different backgrounds and, therefore, different expertise and experiences to bring into the work and the projects that we do. So some people come from more science backgrounds, some people come from more business backgrounds, and it's really that diverse skill set that allows problem-solving and project work to be efficient and really fun.