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4 Day Week Global: 2024 First Quarter Updates

by Rob Porter | April 23, 2024

4 Day Week Global continues to press on with its pilot programs. Here are some recent updates, along with the benefits of a four-day work week.

4 Day Week Global: Updates, Common Myths, and More

by Rob Porter | December 15, 2023

2024 is almost here! We give you the end of the year updates on 4 Day Week Global’s recent activities, along with some bonus information.

4 Day Week Global: Summer 2023 Updates

by Rob Porter | August 02, 2023

The four-day work week could become the global standard in the near future. We take a look at 4 Day Week Global's recent activities.

Update: 4 Day Week Global Is at It Again

by Rob Porter | March 13, 2023

4 Day Week Global is ramping up its efforts in a big way. Here are the most recent updates on the organization's world wide four-day work week endeavors.