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Navigating Generational Diversity, Part II: Bridging the Generational Gaps

by Julia DiPrete | February 27, 2023

Generations have their differences, but difference doesn’t have to lead to workplace conflict. Understanding each other is key in bridging generational gaps.

Which Gen Is Unhappiest at Work: X, Z, or Millennial?

by Sara Korolevich | November 15, 2021

According to a new survey of 4,000 full-time workers—an equal number of Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Zers—this Gen is the least happy at work.

3 Resume Tips for Older Career Changers

by Silvia Giltner via Fairygodboss | April 02, 2019

To switch careers later in life, you need to take some extra steps. Here's some advice that will go a long way toward helping experienced professionals make a change.

6 Tips for Dealing with a Younger Boss

by Cassandra Pratt via Fairygodboss | August 14, 2018

A big age difference between you and your new boss can result in an odd dynamic, but there are many things you can do to get your relationship off to a great start.

3 Women Who Found Their True Calling After 45

by Kaitlin Bitting via Fairygodboss | May 08, 2018

Career switching has become more common, particularly among those in their 40s and 50s. Here, three women reveal how they found their true calling after 45.

8 Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers

by Valerie Martinelli via Fairygodboss | April 30, 2018

If you're an experienced job seekers, there are several things you need to keep in mind when updating your resume. Here are the most important.

5 Reasons to Consider an Internship Later in Life

by AnnaMarie Houlis via Fairygodboss | April 23, 2018

Internships aren't just for college and grad-school students. In fact, people of all ages take internships. Find out here why you should consider one, too.

Generation Gap - Work Advice from Boomers to Millennials: Kay Wylie Jacob

by Jon Minners | October 24, 2016

Kay Wylie Jacob, a baby boomer, offers career advice to millennials, specifically about researching your career options and what it means to work as a freelancer.

Generation Gap - Work Advice from Boomers to Millennials: Calvin Alexander Ramsey

by Jon Minners | September 07, 2016

Calvin Alexander Ramsey, a baby boomer, offers career advice to millennials, discussing how 9-11 and a chance encounter with the creator of Humans of New York helped him go from being a successful insurance salesman to a widely successful author and playwright.