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7 Tips for Identifying Your Strengths

by Natalia Dunn | November 02, 2022

Identifying what you’re good at is harder than it seems. Here are seven essential tips for finding your strengths.

How to Find the Perfect Executive Coach

by Owen Baker | September 25, 2020

If you’re looking to propel your career, an executive coach can help. How do you find the perfect executive coach? Learn how to choose the right person.

Acing the Toughest Interview Question: A Q&A with Career Coach Fran Berrick

by Stephan Maldonado | February 04, 2020

Vault interviewed Fran Berrick, founder of Spearmint Coaching, to hear how job seekers can build their brands in interviews and resonate with employers.

How to Ask Intelligent Questions in an Interview

by Isabel Sperry | September 19, 2017

Are you stumped on which questions to ask at the end of an interview? Then check out this video from a recruiter at Time Inc. for an insider’s view on the best questions to ask.

6 Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

by Isabel Sperry | September 07, 2017

Are you wondering how to ask for a pay bump? Then check out this video from career coach Linda Raynier for six tips to negotiate a higher salary.

3 Tricks to Answering Interview Questions Better

by Vault Careers | August 26, 2016

tips to answering interview questions better

A Q&A with O’Melveny’s Dedicated Career Coach

by Vault Law Editors | February 12, 2016

Jim Moore describes himself as a “bridge builder.” As the career coach at O’Melveny —one of only a handful of large law firms to have a dedicated...