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How to Improve Your Odds of Converting Your Consulting Internship into a Full-Time Offer

by Vibhu Sinha | November 08, 2022

Here are three essential things you can do during your consulting internship to improve your odds of receiving a full-time offer.

Time to Get Away: Blue Matter’s 2022 Summer Meetings

by Lindsay Hershberger, Blue Matter Chief People Officer | September 19, 2022

Consulting firm Blue Matter is known for its tight-knit culture, and each of its offices has its own personality. Read about the firm's unique culture here.

10 Best Internships for Consulting

by Firsthand | November 02, 2021

Based on a survey of interns from more than 100 internship programs, here are the 10 Best Internships for Consulting for 2022.

What Percent of Interns Receive Full-Time Offers?

by Vault Careers | November 18, 2015

how important is an internship to getting a full-time job offer