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The Art of Applying for the Same Job Twice

by Rob Porter | May 17, 2024

In certain situations you can apply for the same job twice. Here's what you need to know.

How to Make an ATS-Compatible Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Vault Careers | February 16, 2021

Applicant tracking systems are widely used by employers, so how do you make your resume stand out to a machine rather than a human? This infographic shows how to make sure your resume doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Resume Writing (But Were Afraid to Ask)

by David Solloway | December 09, 2020

To help you create an error-free resume that clearly showcases your background and experience, here are 12 FAQs about resume writing you might be too shy to ask.

8 Essential Resume Do’s and Don'ts

by Resume-Library | June 08, 2018

To help you create an application that will impress recruiters, we’ve compiled the most important things to do and not to do when it comes to writing your resume.

How to Write a Job Application When You’re Switching Careers

by Kevin Nelson | November 06, 2017

Looking to switch careers? Here's how you need to update your résumé and cover letter in order to land a role in a different industry.