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7 Things to Do When You Don’t Like Your Job (Other Than Quit)

by Regina Bowman | November 30, 2021

When you don't like your job, there are many things you can do aside from quitting. Here are seven that can help turn your job satisfaction around.

6 Important Ways to Spark Employee Engagement

by Stephanie Jones | May 11, 2021

Employee satisfaction is heavily influenced by salary and benefits, but respecting employees and really listening to them will go nearly as far. Here are six ways you can help keep the fires of employee enthusiasm stoked in your company.

8 Habits of Highly Fulfilled Professionals

by Taylor Tobin via Fairygodboss | August 08, 2019

These eight behaviors and thought processes are strongly linked to fulfillment—and so are particularly prevalent among people very pleased with the state of their professional and personal lives.

Working from Home Boosts Productivity and Satisfaction, Survey Indicates

by Mary Kate Sheridan | September 19, 2018

Remote workers report greater satisfaction and productivity according to a recent survey. Lack of commute and a flexible schedule top the list of work-from-home benefits.

How to Help Your Boss Keep You Happy

by Ty Kiisel | June 01, 2017

Sometimes the key to being happy at work is to tell your boss what will make you happy.

Switch to Your Law Firm's Tax Group ASAP!

by Kaitlin Edleman | January 14, 2015

Many factors contribute to overall satisfaction with a legal job—co-workers, commute time, the jerk level of the boss—but one of the most important...