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Tips and Guidelines for the OCI Bidding Process

by Travis Whitsitt | March 17, 2023

We discuss the OCI bidding process and tips to maximize your chances of success in getting the interviews you want.

Experiential Learning in Law School and Beyond

by Rebecca King-Newman | January 25, 2023

In this article we will explore what experiential learning is and tell you how it can benefit you in law school and beyond.

No Offer From OCI-Now What?

by Rebecca King-Newman | October 31, 2022

. If you struck out during on-campus interviews (OCI), here are some things you can do and places you can look to land that job.

Is Law School Outdated?

by Rebecca King-Newman | September 19, 2022

Law school hasn’t changed much in the last two-hundred years, but should it change?

Navigating Law School as a Non-Traditional Student

by Rebecca King-Newman | September 12, 2022

Being a non-traditional law student has its benefits and drawbacks. Here you will learn how to leverage your positives and improve on the negatives.

Five Online Resources to Make Your Law School Journey Easier

by Elizabeth Haben | August 08, 2022

Staying informed and organized is essential to navigating the demands of law school. Here are the top 5 online resources that will simplify your experience.

Analyzing the 2023 US News Law School Rankings

by Travis Whitsitt | April 04, 2022

Our thoughts and reflections on the seismic shifts in the US News law school rankings, from the breaking of the HYS band to double-digit moves in the top 50.

The 2023 US News Law School Rankings

by Travis Whitsitt | April 01, 2022

Analysis and commentary on the release of the 2023 US News law school rankings, including the unusual amount of movement in the t14.

Maximizing Your Law School Experience Beyond the Classroom

by Mary Kate Sheridan | September 20, 2021

While law school grades are important, they aren't everything—your experiences outside the classroom are also valuable in paving your future legal career. Read on for three opportunities you shouldn't overlook as a law student.

Navigating the First Year of Law School: 1L Timeline

by Mary Kate Sheridan | August 18, 2021

The start of 1L year is like entering an entirely new world—and you may not be sure how to navigate it. Check out our 1L timeline to help determine your priorities for a successful first year of law school.