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7 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace for Better Health and Productivity

by Tom Brialey | June 26, 2019

When you prioritize calmness and comfort in your work setting, you’re able to produce your best work. With that in mind, here are seven tips for optimizing your office space to improve your health and productivity.

5 Things That Kill Productivity in Coworking Spaces

by Sam Radbil | February 01, 2019

Coworking can work well for many people. But it can also turn out badly. Here are five issues to consider before deciding if and where to cowork.

Are Standing Desks Hurting Your Health?

by Derek Loosvelt | March 07, 2018

Remember all that talk about how great standing desks are for you? According to new research, that talk might be false. Find out what the effects of standing really are, and what you can do to reverse them.