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4 Great Tips for Public Speaking

by Rob Porter | September 07, 2022

Public speaking can be scary. These tips will help you overcome your fear and speak with confidence.

How to Improve Your Executive Presence

by Vibhu Sinha | August 17, 2021

Here are three essential tips for developing your executive presence and boosting your value to employers in the process.

Interview Tips from Famous TED Talkers

by Derek Loosvelt | September 10, 2019

Preparation for a TED Talk has a lot in common with preparation for an interview. Here, you can read about how three famous TED Talkers prepared for their Talks, and how you can use these preparation methods for your next interview.

Command a Room with "The Strike Method"

by Lydia Fenet | August 06, 2019

As Christie's Auction House's lead benefit auctioneer, Lydia Fenet knows how to command a room. In this excerpt from her book, "The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You," she gives advice that anyone can use to engage an audience—no gavel necessary.

5 Rules for Speaking Up in Meetings

by Derek Loosvelt | April 03, 2019

It can be terrifying to speak in meetings, but you have to do it. Here's some advice that will make speaking in meetings easier, even enjoyable.

That Should Be a Class: Basic Post-College Skills You’ll Probably Need to Teach Yourself

by Kaitlin McManus | February 27, 2019

College prepares you for "real life"—right? Here we cover ways to pick up basic skills you need, but that school probably didn't teach you.

9 Professional Skills You Need to Master Before 40

by Leah Thomas via Fairygodboss | January 28, 2019

Here are nine workplace skills you should have mastered (or just about mastered) by the time you turn 40.

4 Ways to Showcase Your Leadership Skills in Meetings

by Ellie Nieves via Fairygodboss | March 19, 2018

If you want to increase your visibility, boost your credibility, and show off your leadership capabilities, meetings are the place to do it.

How to Answer the “What Is Your Weakness” Interview Question

by Isabel Sperry | January 22, 2018

Unsure how to answer the dreaded "What is your weakness" interview question? Here, we walk you through the steps you should take to answer this question in order to make a positive impression on your interviewer.