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Dealing with an Employment Gap on Your Resume

by Rob Porter | May 18, 2023

If you have a gap in your resume, don't panic. Here's how you should deal with it.

5 Ways to Address Gaps in Your Resume

by Andrew Fennell | August 04, 2020

Here's how to address employment gaps in your resume and sell yourself as a solid job candidate.

The Best Way to Add Travel to Your Resume

by Vault Careers | January 10, 2020

Knowing how to list the experiences, skills, and accomplishments that travel affords you can help turn your adventures into an asset for your potential employer. Read on to learn how to put travel on your resume!

Volunteer to Help Your Career

by Jon Minners | January 03, 2017

When we are in high school, we are told how valuable volunteering is for our college applications. But as we become bogged down by college work and the subsequent job search, many of us forget that volunteering can also be crucial elements of your résumé — the difference between being hired or being passed over for someone else.

5 Tips On How to Fill a Resume Gap

by Jon Minners | August 08, 2016

The stress one feels during a job search becomes greater during periods of unemployment. There is a real fear that having an employment gap in your resume will make you undesirable to potential employers. Here are five ways to fill the resume gap and put your mind at ease.