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7 Tips for Identifying Your Strengths

by Natalia Dunn | November 02, 2022

Identifying what you’re good at is harder than it seems. Here are seven essential tips for finding your strengths.

9 Professional Skills You Need to Master Before 40

by Leah Thomas via Fairygodboss | January 28, 2019

Here are nine workplace skills you should have mastered (or just about mastered) by the time you turn 40.

How to Appear More Confident at Work

by Leah Thomas via Fairygodboss | June 12, 2018

It's common to feel unsure of your work and second guess yourself on the job. So here are 11 things you can do when you need a quick confidence boost at work.

Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb to Job Candidates: "Dudes, Where's Your Self-Awareness?"

by Derek Loosvelt | January 07, 2015

yahoo chairman maynard webb looks for self-awareness, openness, and truth in job candidates