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Laying Proper Foundations for Law School

by Peter Horvath | December 07, 2022

In order to successfully navigate law school, one must take the appropriate steps academically and perhaps have some work experience in order to be prepared.

Dispelling the Experience Paradox in the Creative Field

by Rob Porter | January 21, 2022

Starting a career in the creative field can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you get the experience you need to move forward.

5 “Magic” Résumé Myths: Busted

by Jeriann Watkins Ireland | December 27, 2017

Are you overwhelmed with conflicting advice on how to write your résumé? Here are five résumé myths that are just not true.

How to Write a Job Application When You’re Switching Careers

by Kevin Nelson | November 06, 2017

Looking to switch careers? Here's how you need to update your résumé and cover letter in order to land a role in a different industry.

How to Write a Résumé When You Have Little Work Experience

by Isabel Sperry | October 03, 2017

Are you stumped on how to write a résumé when you have little to no work experience? Here are four strategies to help you.

Volunteer to Help Your Career

by Jon Minners | January 03, 2017

When we are in high school, we are told how valuable volunteering is for our college applications. But as we become bogged down by college work and the subsequent job search, many of us forget that volunteering can also be crucial elements of your résumé — the difference between being hired or being passed over for someone else.