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Vault’s Verdict

CBIZ MHM seeks hardworking, motivated team players who have strong communication skills and are eager to learn. The company’s internship program provides interns with real hands-on experience. Interns work directly with clients and get a solid understanding of what a full-time role with the firm looks like. For its full-time team members, CBIZ MHM provides many career development opportunities, including extensive training, a focus on promoting from within, and the ability to move between various business groups.

CBIZ values work/life balance and encourages staff to take time off. Hours can be long and it can be difficult to take time off during busy season, but outside of that time it is easy to schedule time off. A healthy work/life balance is supported through flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities.

Overall, compensation is competitive. Salaries, bonuses, perks, and benefits are fair, according to insiders. Meanwhile, wellness offerings include free access to mental health professionals, yoga during busy season, and a wellness expense allowance, which can cover standing desks, walking treadmills, and other equipment that makes working remotely more comfortable.

CBIZ MHM is focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives and is especially strong when it comes to diversity with respect to women and diversity for individuals with disabilities. The firm is improving when it comes to racial and ethnic diversity as well as LGBTQ+ diversity. As for the firm’s overall business outlook, CBIZ MHM has been growing organically and through acquisitions, staffing challenges are improving, and the firm appears to be well positioned to continue to thrive.

Hiring Process

“The firm works to move very fast to schedule interviews for candidates and to keep them actively engaged in the recruiting process. We are searching for candidates at all levels and in different service areas. Ideal candidate is someone who is hardworking, a team player, willing to learn, not intimidate by a challenge, and overall good people. We are offering a better work/life balance than the Big 4, which we often compete for talent with.”

“I believe the firm is looking for bright, hardworking individuals who also fit the firm's culture. I like how the firm focuses more on the candidate's potential to fit in, rather than testing their knowledge. I think that is what creates the firm's friendly and welcoming culture. “

“The interview process is very smooth and straightforward. The ideal candidate would have some amount of knowledge in all of the aspects that they might see on a day-to-day basis and the initiative to learn and be better every day.”

“A variety of staff, managers, and directors are involved in the interview process. We are looking for someone who is motivated, able to communicate well internally and externally, and who isn't afraid to work with the team.”

Interview Questions

“What are your goals for the short term and long term? How would someone close to you describe you? What are your greatest achievements to date?”

“Give me some examples of how you have handled a challenging situation and difficult conversation with others. Tell me about a time that you were the leader of a group project.”

“Provide an example of when you worked in a team setting to achieve a common goal. Tell us about a time where you worked in a group and had to deal with adversity.”

“I was interviewed by two recruiters within CBIZ. I didn't feel that I was being interviewed, instead it was more like a conversational. The first recruiter asked me to introduce myself and about my educational qualifications. I was also requested to provide my unofficial transcripts. The second recruiter asked more about my resume such as my past experience and questioned me on my skills. For example, I mentioned problem solving as a skill on resume, so I was asked to give an example of a task from previous job where I used that skill, and it was beneficial at the workplace.”

Intern Experience

“The best aspects were gaining real-world experience and working directly with clients. The only downside of the internship was that some days there was not much work to complete.”

“A hands-on learning experience that allowed me to actually perform work that a staff would complete during busy season. Although I received very little direction within my role as an intern, this was a net positive as it demonstrated that in my future role what my expectations are, and how I should go about completing my work and interacting with superiors within the workplace.”

“I got tasks delegated to me and was given enough time to complete assignments. The preparation for busy season was great. A shortcoming would be with software training. It is a lot of information, and a few short training videos regarding that software would be tremendous help.”

“I loved this internship. Everyone was very helpful and answered my questions. They really showed that they have time to explain concepts and appreciate their people.”

Career Development

“The firm promotes from within and has tons of career development opportunities. Lots of ways to advance in the company, within a vertical promotion aspect as well as lateral opportunities, and opportunities to take on additional interests on top of the standard role (training, recruiting, people development, technical, etc.)”

“They spend a lot of effort on training the staff. I've been to national training and several in office trainings since I've been here. There are also a ton of webinars that help train you on software and new tax changes.”

“Promotions happen based on ability and are not necessarily tied to time-in-grade. There is no up-or-out policy, allowing team members to advance in their career at a pace comfortable to them, thereby also allowing for pauses to focus on family when they choose to.”

“The firm is very open to specialization and employees directing their careers. I know an associate who started in the tax department and after four years moved to the employee benefit group. Currently, the firm is working on an internal career opportunity portal that will present opportunities in all of our offices across the nation.”

Quality of Life

“In tax, other than deadlines in the spring and fall, it is fairly easy to schedule and take vacation time. And they are very understanding if you ever need a personal day. Even though work is important, the firm also knows you have a life outside of work, so they are very understanding if you ever need to log off early for one day or skip a day once.”

“The flexibility is top-notch. As long as I am getting my work done in a timely fashion and meeting my clients’ and teams’ needs, I have utmost flexibility for doctor appointments, school meetings, extracurriculars, etc.”

“CBIZ values work/life balance and encourages everyone to take their vacation time. Unfortunately, during busy season (spring and fall) there are some extremely long weeks. We need more staff at the appropriate levels to even out some of the workload. Our leadership understands this and has tried to hire accordingly, but it has been difficult to find resources the last few years.”

“I work remotely so it is a huge plus not having to deal with commuting time. I am easily able to schedule time off when needed. My managers are very flexible and understanding when I need to make adjustments in my work schedule.”

Salary and Benefits

“Salary is reasonable. The health benefits are fine but not extraordinary. The remote arrangements are useful, as well as transportation matching.”

“Salary and bonuses are very fair. Health insurance benefits could be better. Firm does great job of offering variety of other perks.”

“The firm added many smaller perks in the last few years that together make a great package, such as parking subsidies, gym subsidies, bringing in lunches and treats multiple times a week, adding summer Fridays (but not reducing the required work hours, just allowing employees to shift their time to earlier in the week).”

“Compensation and benefits are competitive, and management continues to look for new ways to compensate and incentivize a diverse group of employees with varying wants and needs. However, due to intense competition for limited talent, I feel compensation is becoming less tied to actual performance.”

Wellness Efforts

“CBIZ provides an Employee Advocate Program (EAP), which I have used personally to contact a therapist to talk to during difficult times. I’m very grateful for this service.”

“Loved the yoga during busy season. Firm regularly brings in dinner and other perks, such as chair massages, barista, ice cream truck, etc.”

“Counseling and exercise programs are offered by the company, along with an allowance for wellness expenses. This includes helping make remote working more convenient and comfortable at home.

“Good wellness program through our health insurance, including every type of health and wellness activity. A few wellness activities in the area to participate in annually. There could be more focus put on health and wellness on a regular basis, though.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“The firm does a great job at diversity with women, but I think we could be a little more diverse with respect to race and ethnicity. They are absolutely accommodating to persons with disabilities, including myself, with the payment of home office set-ups, etc.”

“The firm does a pretty good job in talking positively about diversity, green, and philanthropic practices, but I’d like to see more action and more results.”

“The CBIZ Women's Advantage program is very extensive and has been well received for many years. Other programs are newer but still given consistent focus. ESG focus is fair. Green initiatives can be given more focus, as they seem very inconsistent. Volunteering and giving is done at a very high level and encouraged by all employees.

“CBIZ and especially my office makes it clear that we are a diverse and inclusive firm, especially for LGBTQ+ and women. Our practice leader makes it a priority for everyone to feel comfortable to be able to express and identify themselves as who they truly are.”

Business Outlook

“The firm has one of the lower rates of turnover. Outside of audit, we do not lose many people to other accounting firms. The management team, tone at the top, and culture are great.”

“Our firm has a strong client base, and business outlook is still strong despite early indicators showing a slowdown in transactions that fuel a good portion of our growth. Employee turnover, while increased, is still lower than in the industry overall.”

“CBIZ has made several strong acquisitions in the last few years and is looking to new markets to increase our presence across the nation. Employee morale is down but seems to be gaining some traction, as hiring and staff shortages have seemed to decrease, and retention has seemed higher recently.”

“The firm has been performing very well over the past few years. We continued to grow our business and acquire new businesses throughout the pandemic and actually increased our revenues. I am optimistic about the future of the company and glad to be an employee.”


6801 Brecksville Road
Door N
Independence, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 447-9000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Chief Executive Officer, CBIZ, Inc: Jerry Grisko
President, CBIZ MHM, LLC: Chris Spurio
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) CBIZ, Inc.: Elizabeth Newman

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Kansas City, MO
Southern California

Major Departments & Practices

Advisory and consulting