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Our People Matter

Our People Matter” is one of our five Core Values. As such, we pledge to:

  • Value and recognize the hard work, effort and contributions of our team members.
  • Respect individuality and diversity and extend dignity to all.
  • Commit to the personal and professional growth of our team members.
  • Understand the importance of balance between our personal, community and professional lives.
  • Support the communities in which our team members live and work.

The commitment to our people means making CBIZ a great place to work. With this philosophy in mind, we established our Great People, Great Place (GP2) program more than 15 years ago. GP2’s mission is to ensure that, together, our leadership and environment create a place of which our team members are proud. The core elements of GP2 are:

  • CBIZ’s commitment to making our company a great place to work;
  • Defining our company and establishing a common culture;
  • An expression to our employees that we care.

Each of our locations has its own GP2 committee that develops and leads GP2 programs and activities on the local level. These events include team member appreciation days, all-hands business and recognition meetings, Take Your Child to Work Day, etc. Monthly or quarterly activities may include celebrations for birthdays, promotions, retirements and holidays.

Local GP2 Chairs are members of the National GP2 Committee. The National Committee meets quarterly to provide important updates to our program, inform our local Chairs of upcoming events, and encourage our Chairs to exchange ideas and best practices. The GP2 program, coupled with the National and Local GP2 Committees, supports and brings us full-circle to living the “Our People Matter” Core Value.

Our commitment to our people has resulted in being recognized with workplace awards by various organizations and media publications throughout the U.S. For 2021, these honors include 93 national, regional, and health & wellness awards.

The wellbeing of our team members is important to us; therefore, we advocate a wellbeing philosophy. Wellbeing is a holistic approach to a person’s health founded on the principle that people achieve balance when they focus on five key areas of wellbeing: purpose, social, financial, community and physical. All of our wellbeing programs tools and resources are categorized according to these five elements, as we want our team to be healthy, happy and successful. To accomplish this, we understand that achieving overall wellbeing is essential.

components of wellbeing



Purpose/Career: We provide extensive professional development and training programs. Please click the link to review our Enterprise-Wide Training Brochure. We conduct annual performance evaluations as well as professional coaching and feedback.  We host various recognition programs to award successes and service within the company.

Social:  Our GP2 Committees ensure that we have endless teambuilding and fun activities!  And, we offer flexible work arrangements and parental leaves, which provide better balance for families. Our Parent Program provides resources and additional support to our new parents. We provide full pay for holidays and time away for vacation to support the time we need to feel revived and connect with family and friends.

Financial: Our compensation program is competitive and reflects the high caliber of talent we wish to recruit and retain. We believe hard work and dedication should be rewarded; therefore, compensation is a direct reflection of performance and is reviewed on an annual basis. We offer a flexible benefit package that allows our team to use their benefit dollars in a way that best suits the needs of the individual and his or her family. CBIZ provides basic protection through a core group of benefit plans with the majority of costs of these plans paid for by CBIZ. You may add several options as your needs require, with a variety of buy-up options. And, IonTuition is an online student loan repayment management platform which helps ease the stress of repaying student loan debt or planning for college.

Community: Please see our CBIZ Cares tab for information about our volunteering and other philanthropic endeavors.

Physical: We sponsor programs to assist our team members and their spouses/domestic partners to take action to achieve good health.  Programs include Rally Health, a program hosted on the United Healthcare website and on which our Personal Scorecard, Health Risk Assessment, Biometric Screenings and premium discounts reside. Our medical plans place real emphasis on preventive care, with in-network preventive care visits and certain actions paid at 100%. Our Employee Assistance Program provides for short-term counseling for our team members and their dependents. We offer dental coverage, vision coverage, life insurance and optional life insurance, as well as long-term care insurance.  As always, each of these tools is designed to focus attention on maintaining or improving overall health.

For an overview of our programs and benefits, please see our benefits page.