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At Freed Maxick, it’s important to us that you live your best life possible both inside and outside our office walls. Here you will learn about our positive environment and culture, our flexibility and remote work options, and how we help employees nurture a career, take care of their families, enjoy their hobbies, and support their passions while servicing top clientele.

Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes everything from competitive pay and 401K, to flexible schedules and FreedTIME (Time Invested in Meaningful Efforts) – hours you can utilize for volunteering with  an organization or group that is meaningful to you. We encourage you to browse our list of benefits and hear from some of our  employees on how some of these offerings help make Freed the perfect fit for them.

We know that the world has changed drastically over the last year. Freed Maxick has changed with it. We are committed to our employees and to providing them with the opportunity to work in a situation that makes them comfortable. That’s why we launched programs like Max Flex and the Flexible Work Week, just to name a couple that our employees truly enjoy. 

Our Firm has always been able to attract, challenge, develop and retain the best and brightest in the public accounting industry. We hire intelligent, innovative, caring professionals who like interacting with, learning from and developing others. We will never stop investing in the growth and development of our 300+ employees, through programs like EARN.

We look forward to learning more about you and sharing more about Freed Maxick - your future with us starts today!


Life @ Freed Maxick

We care about more than accounting at Freed Maxick. We want to give you the ability to do your best work, which means helping you find the career-life integration you desire. We also encourage you to be active in your community, either in your own endeavors or as part of FreedTIME.