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Allen & Overy has the largest global reach of any of the major law firms. With this comes a real opportunity to make a difference around the world. We know that by behaving responsibly as a business we will retain the trust and loyalty of our clients, our staff and the wider community.

Corporate responsibility is part of our business strategy. We deal ethically, imaginatively and effectively with novel, sensitive and complex issues to produce a quality end product. We believe our social investment work – often in some of the most remote parts of the world and tackling some of the most significant issues – expands our capability and confidence to overcome intellectual, cultural and geographical barriers.

Pro Bono and Community

Our pro bono and community affairs program is integral to the way we do business. We prioritize strategically, we look to use our skills and resources to meet priority need and we are committed to reviewing our performance so we have the most effective impact.

As one of the leading global law firms we believe we have a responsibility to engage with and support the communities around us, involving our clients and our supply chain, to best meet community needs.  Our programs draw on all of the skills across our business. We believe that all within our firm have much to add and a role to play.

To maximize our impact we focus our work around four core themes:

Within these themes each of our offices crafts its own priorities to make best use of the skills they can offer and to do what is most needed in the area they support.

To deliver our programs we work with a range of strategic partners and recognize that we can achieve the most when we work together with experts in each field, as we are in our own.

Our last financial year saw us dedicate over £15 million of time to our pro bono and community programs. More importantly, our programs enable our people to make a positive impact on the lives of the communities where we operate and they live around the world.

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