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A Modern Approach

Caldwell IP is a law firm for the modern age. Our clients are at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation in an ever evolving tech-driven world and we provide solutions to meet these needs. Working with clients ranging from startups to corporations, we ignite innovation and defend success all the while generating growth. Our team members are the special recipe for success.

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A Team First Mentality

Our team comes first. Working intimately day in and day out with one another, we consider each other family. The transparency and trust we breed internally drive high-caliber results. Each team member from a Summer Associate to the Chair of a Practice Group has a voice that is valued. We have come to understand that part of our success lies in our deep bonds with one another, leaving no team member behind. We share a vision of excellence and support each other along the way to get there.


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Add To Our Culture

We don’t ask whether someone is a “good fit” for the firm, but rather what the person can add to our winning culture. We celebrate the various perspectives and ingenuity that stem from our diversity. Caldwell fosters an atmosphere where each member can show up as themselves. Our melting pot of ideas leads to our shared vision of success and strengthens the fabric of our firm. Diversity is our strength.