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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 17 total (15 2Ls; 2 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 14 out of 14

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Lauren Tapper
Chief Legal Talent Officer
(212) 715-9287

Our Survey Says

  • “The firm puts a lot of effort into the summer associate program. A senior associate is responsible for allocating work to the summers based on practice preference. A good majority of the attorneys in the corporate group were happy to talk through assignments, and provide mentoring and shadowing opportunities.”
  • “As a summer associate, I recall working on substantive assignments. As an associate who now prepares assignments for summer associates, the assignments involve very real, substantive matters with deliverables, and provides the summer with a meaningful opportunity to do legal research and analyses, as well as show their drafting skills. There are no fake assignments.”
  • “We attended several trainings throughout the summer in various practice areas, and in general skills such as research and writing. We would receive assignments generally, but were also encouraged to volunteer for assignments in practice areas we were interested in when they became available.”
  • “Great camaraderie, the attorneys are welcoming, and associates are inclusive. Plenty of opportunities to engage with all levels of attorneys at the firm.”
  • “Since the summer class at KL is on the small side, we were able to have a variety of events together. It was especially nice to fit at a dinner table with the whole group. A group chat still exists between the summer associates, and we bonded over the experience of COVID during law school, and adjusting to firm life.”
  • “Despite the challenges of operating a summer associate program in the midst of a pandemic, the firm made an effort to host both virtual and in-person events. These were uniformly well planned, inclusive, and laid back, which reflects the firm's culture pretty well.”
  • “My summer experience well prepared me for being an associate, and the impression I got as a summer was confirmed as an associate.”
  • “As promised, I was able to work in my preferred practice area. The nature of my assignments since starting has not been unexpected; if anything, they have been even more interesting than those I was exposed to as a summer associate. The pro bono opportunities [for] summer associates were quite good, but the pro bono opportunities have been far more diverse and satisfying as a full-time employee. The firm culture is exactly what I was led to believe: friendly, reasonable, and inclusive. Overall, the only surprises have been pleasant.”
  • “As an attorney, I am able to do work with significantly more autonomy, which is a major benefit. I was able to take on substantive tasks with more responsibility earlier than I was expecting to, which is also a major benefit.”
  • “Mets game with summer associate class. Bankruptcy training simulation.”
  • “Dinner before offers at the Bryant Park Grill.”
  • “My favorite events were the cooking and mixology classes we took via Zoom.”

The Firm Says

Everything about the Kramer Levin Summer Associate Program is meticulously designed to provide summer associates a strong start to a successful career. From the day the summer associates join the firm, they will be treated as a practicing attorney — doing real work, learning vital skills, working side by side with some of the finest attorneys in the world. By the time the associate heads back to school, they will understand what it is like to be a lawyer.

The Summer Program will give summer associates insights into our firm’s distinct character in a way that no formal interview could. Every summer associate is given intensive, hands-on work, and participates in active matters — going to court, writing memoranda, sitting in on client meetings and generally doing what a first-year associate does. We also host social activities so that summer associates are able to spend time with our partners/associates in a fun setting.