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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 52 total (29 2Ls; 23 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 23 out of 23

Summer Associate Salary:

$4,134.62/ week

Summer Program Length:

8-10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

McKenzie Atwood
Manager of Law Student Recruiting
(713) 226-1321

Our Survey Says

  • “As a summer associate, I was given a wide range of work projects, and was able to attend hearings and calls with opposing counsel. For each task, I was given clear direction. The partners and associates giving me the work gave me the tools to succeed in every task, and were always open to questions.”
  • “Locke is very transparent about the work assignment process. The firm works on an ‘open call’ basis, in which summers (and associates) identify work they want to do, and coordinate with the appropriate partners to get that work. The work assignments consisted of real, substantive issues that needed resolution [for] clients. Attorneys took the time to explain necessary background for the assignments, and checked in along the way.”
  • “The firm gave me assignments during the summer that I have done my first year. I got meaningful feedback, and I was able to utilize the feedback I received during the summer once I started working full time.”
  • “The social aspects of the firm's summer associate program were top notch. Each event was highly attended by lawyers at the firm. The social events were fun and enjoyable. I remain close with several of the summer associates I worked with.”
  • “It was clear that much thought was put into the summer program in order to provide summer associates with a positive experience—I think the firm did a great job at putting on fun, interactive events.”
  • “Social events were fun, and designed to maximize interaction between summer associates and attorneys at all levels. Camaraderie was strong, and the associate selection process yielded a cohesive and personable group.”
  • “My experience practicing has not differed from my expectations. The associates during the summer painted a clear picture of what working at Locke Lord full time looked like. I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience working at Locke Lord. The firm has supported me through life-changing events that have occurred since I started a few months ago. I am truly appreciative of the firm's encouragement, and it is clear they have my best interests at heart.”
  • “No surprises coming into the firm; things were exactly as portrayed during the summer.”
  • “I think being a first year at any firm is going to be different than as a summer associate. The work as a summer is low risk, and as a first year, at my firm, you are treated as a real attorney who needs to perform accordingly. I still receive work from the same partners as I did as a summer, but the level of work and workload has increased.”
  • “Magic show, progressive home tour, Gruene River float trip.”
  • “My favorite summer events included a multi-course tasting with attorneys at a local restaurant, and a firmwide bowling event.”
  • “Racing at K1 Speed. cooking class. succulent making class.”

The Firm Says

The Locke Lord Summer Program is distinctive. We do not view students as temporary guests – we see them as part of our team, with the Summer Program inaugurating their Locke Lord career. We are committed to individual creativity combined with a spirit of collaboration and provide a supportive and challenging atmosphere for our Summer Associates to learn and grow. Our Summer Program is designed to be the first step of Associate development and lays the groundwork for a prosperous and rewarding career with our firm. We believe the best way to learn is through first-hand experience and exposure to real legal work and events. Our Summer Associates have contact with our clients and are regularly included in conference calls and out-of-office proceedings such as court appearances and depositions. During the summer, our lawyers conduct workshops to help the Summer Associates expand their ‎skills, through legal writing classes and other practice-specific trainings.