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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 30 total (25 2Ls; 5 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 28 out of 28

Summer Associate Salary:

$4,327 (CA/NJ/NY); $3,462 (UT)

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Melissa Leidl
Senior Manager of Entry Level Recruiting
(862) 926-2830

Our Survey Says

  • “Had the chance to do substantive assignments in all practice areas. That included litigation, corporate, and pro bono. Did meaningful substantive work, such as research, memos, due diligence, brief writing, etc. Worked with associates, counsel, and partners. Got exposed to new areas of the law. Learned I did not want to be a corporate attorney. Really enjoyed litigation work.”
  • “I had the opportunity to listen in on invention disclosure meetings and examiner interviews, and I worked on responding to Office Actions and prepared a nonprovisional patent application for one of our pro-bono clients.”
  • “Lowenstein truly values junior associate work and provides junior associates, even in the summer associate program, with interesting assignments and continual training opportunities to learn more about practice groups at the firm.”
  • “I was able to receive training sessions that focused on learning black letter law and practical tips, as well as substantive work assignments that mirrored the work the associates were doing.”
  • “I was able to have meaningful interactions with everyone at the firm, including partners, during smaller social events that occurred daily and larger social events that occurred weekly or monthly.”
  • “The social events were excellent. They were always well attended and included food options for everybody.”
  • “They tried to do lunches almost every day and events twice a week after hours.”
  • “Was hard with the pandemic but the firm made every effort to make the best out of being remote and to build team bonds.”
  • “My experience practicing at the firm has not differed much from the expectations I had as a summer associate. The attorneys I worked with and my mentors were realistic about the work and hours they faced as a full-time attorney at the firm. The only difference was that, as a summer associate, I did not had to deal with the same amount of work and deadlines that the full-time attorneys had to deal with, which made sense as I was a summer associate and not fully experienced in the practice area I was working in.”
  • “Did not differ at all. Got a real experience. Had to work late some nights. Was not just a giant party the entire summer. Given substantive work. And while I was challenged, I was not overwhelmed. Everyone was really friendly then. And they are still friendly now. There was no bait and switch. The people at this firm really care about you. That is something I learned during my summer experience. And that is what I have felt these first seven months working here. Get responsibility early on. Since our firm does BigLaw work without the size of some other firms, as a first year, you get substantive work right away. And the ability to learn and grow.”
  • “The firm does an incredible job at making junior associates feel as though they can try their hand at a variety of corporate practice groups and receive substantive work from the get-go from whichever groups may interest them. This was promised to me and my summer associate class and Lowenstein has certainly delivered during my first year at the firm.”
  • “My experience at the firm has met or exceeded my expectations. Everyone I have worked with has been very kind and helpful. They all want me to succeed and are willing to help me and answer my questions.”
  • “I enjoyed a comedy show and a cooking class the most.”
  • “Along with the more high-profile events—that is, an evening boat tour in Upper New York Bay, Yankees game, etc.—I really enjoyed the less formal trivia nights at a venue near the office.”
  • “Hudson river cruise; Top Golf; Karaoke night in Manhattan.”
  • “Soccer game at Red Bulls Stadium.”

The Firm Says

Our 10-week summer program introduces law students to the full spectrum of the practice of law in an environment that is supportive and challenging. Opportunities are available for candidates with superior academic, writing, and organizational skills. Summer associates at Lowenstein Sandler use the skills they are honing in law school, including critical thinking, writing, and legal research. Our program offers educational seminars, mentoring, and, most significantly, participation in complex matters in the legal areas that interest you most. Working together with colleagues who will become lifelong friends, the Lowenstein Sandler Summer Program is the perfect balance between structure, flexibility, teamwork, and social events.