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At a Glance


“Flexible hours; choose your own billable target.”

“Good clients with interesting work.”

“Experienced and friendly colleagues.”


“Sometimes it's hard to be remote and not meet people face-to-face.”

“Lack of casual communication regarding work and billing.”

“Unsteady work flow.”

About McNeill Baur PLLC

Focused on patents in the life sciences area, McNeill Baur is home to nearly 20 lawyers as well as a team of patent agents, patent prosecution coordinators, and technical specialists.

Patent Focused

McNeill Baur was founded in 2014 by Rebecca M. McNeill and Amelia Feulner Baur, PhD The intellectual property shop provides life sciences patent prosecution and counseling to a range of clients, ranging from large companies to startups. Many of the firm’s lawyers have advanced science degrees and boast experience in myriad scientific areas—from biochemistry and gene mutations to immunology and microbiology to ribozymes and virology, and more. The firm assists clients with all aspects of patent prosecution as well as patent opinions, due diligence investigations, patent appeals, and USPTO proceedings. Lawyers at the firm also consult on clients’ IP portfolios.

Though the firm is young, it’s work has not gone unnoticed. McNeill Baur has been recognized by LMG Life Sciences, Managing Intellectual Property, and IAM Patent 1000 for its patent work.


McNeill Baur is a patent powerhouse, but it also makes its employees a priority. The firm values work-life balance, with lawyers crafting their own work plan, including schedule and billable-hour goals.

COVID-19 Update

The firm has never had a central brick-and-mortar location and instead uses advanced cloud-based networking capabilities. We are glad to offer our team an opportunity to work from home and we provide a full home office setup to our employees. This structure made it much easier for our firm and our employees to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Our interview process is fully remote, and we have multiple unique opportunities for patent attorneys specializing in the fields of chemistry and biology. The firm schedules monthly drop in coffees and lunches via video conference to provide casual opportunities for social connections with its team members.

McNeill Baur PLLC
Firm Stats

Founding & Managing Partner: Rebecca M. McNeill
Founding Partner: Amelia Feulner Bauer, PhD
Total No. Attorneys (2023):
1 - 50
Billable-Hour Requirement:
The firm allows attorneys to set their own billable-hours goal.

Base Salary

Salary not disclosed.

Employment Contact

Michelle H. Stoeckel
Professional Development and Recruiting Manager

Major Office Locations

All remote.

Major Departments

Intellectual Property