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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 26 total (24 2Ls; 2 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 55 out of 55

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Christina Henry
Campus Relations & Recruiting Manager
(212) 610-7213

Our Survey Says

  • “The summer program provided a great introduction to the work that I would be doing as a first-year associate. Attorneys at the firm made sure to avail themselves if I had any question or concerns.”
  • “We were given a lot of training. The assignments were substantive, but not overly stressful or difficult.”
  • “Orientation goes through a lot of the basic stuff, and before getting an assignment, the attorneys are very good at providing background and answering any questions.”
  • “Solid work opportunities, but the summer is far more about meeting people than making substantive work contributions.”
  • “Everyone at the firm was very nice and welcoming. You could really notice that it was true that Schulte is a family. They always had fun events during the summer, where the attorneys and other members of the firm would participate, as well as their families. We did dumplings, mixology class, a magic show, and a game night similar to Jeopardy.”
  • “The summer program did an incredible job of introducing us to as many attorneys as possible at as many times a day as possible—at morning coffees, during daily training sessions, [one to two times a week] at social events.”
  • “There are ample opportunities to interact with your classmates and more senior members of the firm. I enjoyed the senior members of the firm, and became particularly close with my classmates, many of whom are still very close friends to this day.”
  • “Being a summer is very different from being an associate, but I think everyone realizes that. Nobody should reasonably think you are going to be wined and dined on a regular basis once you start as an associate, and the firm is honest about that. I had a good idea of what life would be like as an associate.”
  • “The attitude of attorneys during the summer program is exactly the same. Everyone was so nice during the summer, and that is still true now. I think the firm was clear during the summer that they try to place everyone in one of their top choices of practice area—I do think they honored that, although some practice areas did not take any new associates this year.”
  • “I expected that more people would get their first choice practice groups. The ranking system required a selection of certain groups within the top [three] selections, and I have a lot of friends who got their second choices over their first.”
  • “I wish in my summer associate program, I got a better understanding of how to leverage document services versus the help desk or administrative assistants. That being said, I was able to quickly learn that on the job, but it would have helped to alleviate some initial anxiety or apprehension.”
  • “My favorites were the trivia night, the magic show, and the dumpling cooking class.”
  • “Going to the Mets game, and playing catch on the field after the game, the Ariana Grande concert, Brooklyn bowl.”
  • “Citi Field for a Mets game (with a catch on the field after); trip to the Nike Store.”
  • "My favorite summer event was the magic show.”

The Firm Says

Designed to provide our summer associates with a realistic sense of practicing law, Schulte’s highly-regarded summer program offers a valuable and challenging experience that promotes our summer associates’ intellectual and professional development. Our lawyers involve summer associates as much as possible in their matters and consider them part of the team. Training and feedback are emphasized through regular seminars, a corporate negotiation workshop, and a trial advocacy program. Summer associates are each paired with an associate buddy, senior associate mentor, and a partner adviser to assist them throughout the summer. In keeping with Schulte’s strong commitment to public interest work, each summer associate spends one week at a nonprofit legal organization, selected from among the firm's regular pro bono clients. Our many social events help acclimate summer associates to our firm and to life in New York City.