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Vault’s Verdict

A U.S.-based firm whose European operations are in Scandinavia and Turkey, it’s safe to say that Applied Value isn’t your typical strategy shop—which happens to be a very good thing for insiders. For starters, it takes a different approach to consulting itself, with high-impact, short-term engagements geared towards driving immediate impact. 

For employees, that all translates to an interesting, fulfilling career, with the opportunity to gain rapid exposure across a variety of industries in locations around the world. While that can sometimes lead to long hours and periods of high stress (not to mention international travel), employees have few complaints about life at AV. If the true boutique lifestyle is your thing, this may be a firm to check out further.

Firm Culture

  • “At AV you can do consulting on a truly global scale for some of the most interesting companies in the world (at least based on their name/status). Instead of doing high-level, 4-8 months high-level strategy projects for these companies, you concentrate usually on one operational unit for 6-12 weeks with more concrete goals.”
  • “Challenging and engaging, fast-tracking career progression and personal growth.”
  • “Fast paced and unexpected journey filled with challenges and fun.”
  • “Global experience working for blue-chip clients inside a boutique firm culture in good and bad.”
  • “Small and agile, ‘hustle’ mentality in a good way.”

Quality of Life

  • “A lot of international travel opportunities across global offices.”
  • “Great culture with easy-going partners/seniors that trust you and give responsibility from day one. While working on a project you most likely will work for long hours. It is compensated with weekends being always off and by giving you ample time on the beach. Very easy to take time off and use your vacation days. Travelling during projects very likely.”
  • “I believe AV is trying its best to make sure people are happy and that work-life balance is at a reasonable level.”
  • “We all work extremely hard and get compensated fairly for it, both in salary and additional perks. That is just the industry.”
  • “We have a culture of openness and freedom under responsibility. This translates to quite some hours in the office but nothing you shouldn't expect working in consulting.”


  • “Base salary needs upward adjustment.”
  • “Huge increase in salary when promoted from Consultant to Senior Consultant. Two off-sites per year (this year Dubai & Mexico City), which are extremely fun and generous by company."
  • “Top pay for country and level. Could expand on food and beverages.”
  • “We have a good exercise perk and if people get sick or burnt out we have a good support system in place for that as well. I think the paternity/maternity leave policy can be improved.”

Career Development

  • “Applied Value provides the best possible conditions for steep career development. Early in your career, you get C-suite-level exposure and are given responsibilities from day one. AV is also truly global, and it is great to work in XFN teams with people and to get opportunities to travel. With a lot of responsibility also comes high pressure which I think people looking to start at AV need to consider if they are up for it.”
  • “Great career trajectory, with high upward mobility.”
  • “Great international opportunities with extremely interesting client base, the projects are challenging with steep learning curve but nothing overwhelming. Able to participate in investments/social impact projects easily inside the company. Promotion twice a year which can make it unmotivating if you are close to promotion but then have to wait 4-5 months for it. The training policy is ‘learn by doing’ which I like but can make it frustrating and challenging sometimes.”
  • “Promotions are fair and square and when you deserve it you get promoted. Could become a bit more transparent on a personal level.”
  • “Training is continuous and there are always opportunities for people if they go looking for them.” 

Community Engagement

  • “Everybody gets equal chance, hiring process is not determined by gender, ethnicity etc. Efforts are made to find more women etc. but it can be difficult. All consultants get more or less equal access, sometimes projects are given too much to people that have done similar projects/done extremely well in others which hampers others learning curve. No difference in getting access based on ethnicity, gender etc.”
  • “Yes, everyone has the same opportunity.”

Business Outlook

  • “Companies are announcing layoffs; striving for business focus and efficiency. This is one of our strongest legs.”
  • “Countercyclical projects.”
  • “Leadership team is strong and driven, this year is going to be historic best based on revenue. Challenge is that we are too reliant on one individual customers (+50% of total revenue) who is having difficult times at the moment, have to diversify revenue more to different clients but I am confident on firms capability on that.”

Hiring Process

  • “[Ideal candidate is] Extroverted go getter with outstanding analytical abilities and humor.”
  • “Quick process, interviews also a lot on social side, if you pass the math/logical thinking test (which is extremely difficult compared to peers) you will find the actual interviews and cases easy. Ideal candidate would be someone that is socially skilled, data-driven and well-spoken with laidback attitude and curious mindset.”

Interview Questions

  • “Inventory-related questions to test overall business acumen. Cases around cost reduction, etc."
  • “Market sizing, what investment to pursue, guesstimate.”
Applied Value Europe

Empire State Building
350 5th Ave, Suite 5400
New York, NY 10118

Firm Stats

President & CEO: Ryan Huff

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Miami, FL
Andover, MA
Stockholm, SE
Shanghai, CN
Istanbul, TR

Major Departments & Practices

Management and Strategy Consulting