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The Blue Matter Team

What type of people make up Blue Matter?  Let’s take a look.

Passion for the Life Sciences

We’ve built—and continue to build—a highly diverse team of experts in strategic consulting and the life sciences.  We share a common passion for the life sciences in all its different facets.

Some team members are intensely interested in the science behind the therapies with which we work.  Others gravitate toward the business side of the life sciences, preferring to help solve some of the most difficult business challenges our clients face. 

Still others are experts in organizational design and process improvement, all with a life sciences angle.  Together, we make a powerful team, ensuring that we can always tap the expertise that our clients need at any given time.

Engaging Personalities

While we take pride in building a highly diverse team, there are some additional traits that we seek in all Blue Matter team members. 

For example, we actively recruit nice people.  It’s much more fun to work with a team that’s made up of people who share a positive outlook, have a sense of humor, are engaging and easy to work with, and who treat their colleagues with dignity and respect.

We also look for people who can be creative and who aren’t afraid to share new ideas.  Blue Matter thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit.  Our creativity and willingness to dream up new solutions to difficult challenges is core to our success.

Commitment to Quality

Another key to our success is our commitment to quality.  We only produce the highest quality work, and our clients have come to trust us deeply because of that.  So, we actively seek out team members who are conscientious and who care about the work they produce, the relationships they build, and the reputations they create for themselves and the company.

Excellent Qualifications

While the qualifications can vary significantly from entry-level roles to highly experienced roles, Blue Matter is quite selective in its recruiting efforts.  As of this writing, our team is made up of about 90 people, all of whom have impressive qualifications:

  • 100% have experience in the life sciences
  • 69% have scientific backgrounds
  • 42% have a Ph.D., Doctorate, or M.D. degree (and nearly all have a Master’s degree or higher)
  • Experience ranges from 0.5 years to more than 30 years, with 10.5 years being the average
  • 20+ nationalities are represented on the team

Blue Matter team photo

Diverse Interests

Work is critically important, but you know what they say about “all work and no play.”  Blue Matter team members are multi-faceted individuals who bring a wide range of interests and hobbies outside of work.  Just to give you a flavor, below are a few examples.  Our ranks include:

  • An ultramarathon runner (FYI, ultramarathons can be up to 100 miles!) and several marathon runners and triathletes
  • Someone who owns a loom and creates their own fabrics
  • An expert in making terrariums
  • An expert in orchids
  • Two people who love sailing
  • Several backpackers / long distance hikers
  • At least one rock climber
  • A long-distance cycler
  • A fiction writer
  • Several people who love gourmet cooking
  • A number of artists (painting, ceramics, and more)
  • A landscape photographer
  • A range of sports and exercise enthusiasts, including rugby, tennis, swimming, and yoga
  • A DJ who also loves to produce music

That’s just a sample from our 90-person team.  As you can see, it’s a group with a diverse range of interests. 

Blue Matter Team

We’re Growing!

You might be the next member of our team.  We’re growing rapidly, and we almost always have opportunities available across our offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, Zurich, and remotely, as well.  Check out our website and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to explore your opportunities with Blue Matter.