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 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for the progress and success of global business – and the two go hand-in-hand as a key aspect of BCG’s culture. A workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives opens the door to innovative solutions, but employees also need to feel welcome and supported to share their unique experiences, voice disagreement, and offer new ideas.

To empower our global network of employees to be their most authentic selves at work, BCG offers a number of employee resource groups. These groups create a safe space for colleagues who identify as Black, Latinx, Indigenous, military veterans, Asian-descended, LGBTQ+, women, and disabled to connect with peers, colleagues, and mentors around the globe to foster community and personal growth.


Social Impact

As a global community of colleagues determined to make the world better every day, we consider making a social impact to be more than just a verbal commitment. It’s built into BCG culture through our work and actions. We have committed to achieving net-zero impact by 2030, pledged $750 million to go toward social impact causes over the next 10 years, participate in roughly 300 social impact client projects per year, and more. Whether we’re tackling the global climate crisis or improving education for underserved communities, BCG values the opportunities we have to make a positive impact on the world.


Supporting your wellbeing

Wellbeing@BCG is our approach to supporting employees at various stages of their work and personal life. Through a variety of programs and benefits we aim to encourage BCGers to be physically and mentally well, socially motivated, in good financial health, supported in the workplace, and connected to their community. BCG also offers flexible work options which provide opportunities to reduce weekly work hours, take an additional block of time off, and access experiences that further promote personal and professional development.