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Deloitte’s consulting practice helps organizations take decisive action and achieve sustainable results by providing strategic, financial, operational, human capital, and IT services.

Meet some of our consulting professionals below.

 CON Gibbons Nikki Dudek 4872

Nikki Gibbons

“Imagine you have a baby, and you want that child’s name recorded correctly with the state that you live in. Humans can make all kinds of mistakes doing that, but automation helps reduce the chance for misspelling—not to mention a lifetime of corrections!”

Meet Nikki


CON FP Hernan De La Torre 18032 DUDEK 6304

Hernan De la Torre

“As a kid growing up in Ecuador, I thought I would become the country’s president one day because what drives me is to bring value to others and provide resolutions to challenging problems. Instead, I have taken my passions and found a different yet rewarding path to make an impact on the world.”

Meet Hernan


CON Mceuen Riley Dudek 0270

Riley McEuen

“Before Deloitte, I saw that people were failing in their jobs, they were not adopting the systems or processes that they were being trained on. And that changed their entire perspective on their jobs, for the worse. Good, effective training can change that. It makes people more capable, and that makes them happier with their roles. I love being able to make a positive impact.”

Meet Riley


CON Thomas Chris Dudek 4210

Chris Thomas

“I enjoy the trust that the senior leaders have given me to lead such large transformations. It's been a privilege helping to grow our cloud practice.”

Meet Chris


CON Harwood Kat Dudek 5502

Kat Harwood

“I’ve always been passionate about sports. I firmly believe that sports is one of the great ways to unify people across differences. But it felt like a pipe dream to work in the sports industry and do the consultative work that I love.”

Meet Kat


Vishnu Narins

Vishnu Narins

“Even when I was in elementary school, I loved programming. I would learn the different programming languages and I was fascinated by school taught me how to use technology to bring innovation to businesses.”

Meet Vishnu


Deloitte Mckinsey

McKinsey Bond

“I’ve loved everyone whom I've worked for and they've become my mentors. And I think that's essential. What keeps me here is the people and how they inspire me to do the work.” — McKinsey Bond, Technology, Rosslyn

Meet McKinsey


Deloitte Ashleyb 

Ashley Babishckin

“I was coordinating project initiatives for a 100-member team to on-board and off-board individuals for a large federal project. There was a day when a team member was rolling off the project and when he was saying goodbye, he wanted me to know the impact I had made on the team. He expressed that I truly helped improve each team member’s life by going above-and-beyond to support everyone on the project every day, no matter how big or small the task. That helped me see how my daily tasks truly influence other people’s lives.” — Ashley Babischkin, Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet Ashley


Deloitte Bethany

Bethany Ewing

“I think about my path, and it is so wild and jagged and not what I expected it to be. That is the beauty of it. I don’t think that there is one right path. Take advantage of opportunities as they are presented. Take a break. Your path may not be clear to you now, but you are going to get from point A to the end, and it is all going to make sense one day. Enjoy the journey.”— Bethany Ewing, Paris France, Senior Manager, Consulting Technology Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet Bethany


 Deloitte Keller

Chris Keller

“I always wanted to go back and get an MBA. So while I have been working full time, and just this past May, I graduated with my MBA at Rice. It was a 2-year program. The last semester was overlapped with full-time work, full-time school, and a new baby, so it was particularly challenging. I made it out alive, but I got a few grey hairs in the process. It was worth it though, because it was something I always wanted to do for personal fulfillment. And it gives me a lot of credibility with clients.”” — Chris Keller, Houston, TX Senior Consultant, SAP Finance Transformation Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet Chris


 Deloitte Janaiya

Janaiya Johnson

“By virtue of networking at Deloitte, I’ve been able to do some of the coolest things for work and for fun … I've facilitated sessions at Deloitte University. I’ve met a gold medal winning Olympic athlete. I’ve attended major sporting events. I've been offered opportunities to speak on panels and recruit on campuses.” — Janaiya Johnson, Consultant, Chicago

Meet Janaiya


 Deloitte Becca

Becca Kirby

“I went to Deloitte University my second week and what stuck with me was how much Deloitte really cares about our personal growth and learning. I have never seen a company invest so much in their employees.” — Becca Kirby, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet Becca


 Deloitte Dudek

Laura Poindexter

“I actually got an undergraduate degree in chemistry and out of undergrad was a formulation chemist. Turned out, it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and got my MBA at Emory. I was super scared when I left chemistry, but you have to take a step back and think about what you thrive on or are passionate about.” Laura Poindexter, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet Laura


 Deloitte Russell

Russell Gong

“I don't really look at my career development as a destination—a linear path. I see it more as a portfolio. How full of rich experiences can I make that portfolio? So when the time comes, when ideas or people need action, I’m ready to roll.”

Meet Russell


 Deloitte Maggie

Maggie Fletcher

“In the Public Sector, our clients are tasked to protect and serve their communities. But at a very basic level, these organizations still need to know how to pay their employees, optimize their performance, and adjust to market pressures, much like any business.” — Maggie Fletcher, Consulting, Arlington

Meet Maggie


 Deloitte Jen

Jen Juneau

“One of the things that is so fascinating and so exciting about what I do at the Greenhouse is that it’s absolutely essential to diagnose and understand the human factors behind what's really going on.” — Jen Juneau, Deloitte Greenhouse, San Francisco

Meet Jen