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Question & Answer with Kaitlyn Kuczer

Kaitlyn answers the question as to how Millennials can use devices today. 


Q. Kaitlyn, what area within Deloitte do you work and how long have you been with the organization?

A. I work in Deloitte Digital (within Deloitte Consulting LLP) with the Digital Reality (AR/VR/MR, 360 Video, Immersive Technologies) practice and have been with Deloitte for three years, now. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Pre-medicine and minored in Chemistry.

Q. Can you tell us about some of the interesting projects you work on or have worked on during your time with Deloitte?

A. I am the Chief of Staff and maintain the practice’s go-to-market strategy – win deals, generate a market presence and grow our capabilities. I get to work with leading-edge clients in developing the next generation of technology solutions in AR/VR/MR/360 Video/Immersive technologies, validate our marketing strategy, ensure our financials are sound and create an enablement strategy that allows us to continue expanding our business. I am also working with one of the major Hollywood Studios on creating an “Augmented Reality” Tour of the Studio Lot.

Q. What do you love more about your role at Deloitte? What is most challenging about it?

A. I love being on the verge of a new technological revolution. I was part of the generation who got to experience a time when few people owned mobile phones and then to the time when mobile phones are ubiquitous; now I get to be part of the technology revolution that defines the next generation of technology communication that will likely have as big of an impact that mobile had on all-of-our lives – we are certainly not limited in our imagination as to what a device can do for us.

What’s challenging about being part of a technological evolution is building out the use cases and ROI to validate the technology with our clients. We have to identify what is possible now as well as what will be possible and change their business forever in the future. This is all based on Digital Reality professionals remaining constantly informed on the latest news and updates on this technology, which in itself is super exciting!

Q. How will Mixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) shape the way in which we work at Deloitte?

A.  It will change everything. We anticipate that Digital Reality, which includes augmented, mixed and virtual reality, will be the new mobile and generate many hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the organization in the next 5-10 years. It will likely change the way that people operate, interact, learn and play, just as mobile had, which gives us the opportunity to help our clients remain relevant and become leaders in the new, evolving marketplace.

Q. What’s the one word you would use to describe how Deloitte approaches innovation and technology?

A.   Trailblazers: Deloitte leads this generation and the next in value, new ideas and technologies by identifying ‘Signature Issues’ that the company will invest in. Examples such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Digital Reality, The Future of Mobility, Future of Communications, etc. are being worked on now across so many areas of Deloitte.

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