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Emerton Sylvain 

Sylvain Beucher, Manager

Sylvain Beucher has a 9-year-experience in strategy consulting (Bain & Company, Emerton).

Sylvain has contributed to numerous Corporate Strategy (strategy planning, development strategy, full potential plans), performance improvement and project management topics. He also conducted several strategic due diligences for Private Equity funds.

Sylvain has developed an expertise in the rail & public transportation sector, working for many stakeholders across the value chain (OEMs, operators, transport authorities, innovative mobility players). In addition, he served clients from various other industrial sectors (e.g. metallurgy, chemistry and energy) in complex strategy projects.

Sylvain is an engineer graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris (France) and the Technische Universität Berlin (Germany).

 Emerton Emilie

Emilie Both, Consultant

Emilie Both joined Emerton as a Senior Associate Consultant, after a first experience with French utility EDF.

Emilie has an excellent command of the set-up and market mechanisms of the power industry. She participated in the implementation of capacity mechanisms and in the development of electricity curtailment programs.

She conducted detailed micro-economic business model analyses on curtailment operations and developed a range of products in this market. In addition, she worked for Areva and Veolia in their renewable energy business units.

Emilie is a graduate of Ecole des Mines Paristech.

 Ermerton Grigore


Grigore Djamo-Mitchell, Senior Associate Consultant

Grigore Djamo-Mitchell joined Emerton as Associate Consultant, after a first experience at a Digital agency.

At Emerton, he contributed to several projects in the energy and industry sectors.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from the ESSEC Business School. He graduated from the IFP School (Ecole du Pétrole & des Moteurs) and the military school of St Cyr.

 Ermerton Samara  

Samara Gordon, Consultant

Samara Gordon joined Emerton as Consultant.

At Emerton, Samara contributed to several projects in the Consumer space : account segmentation design, external venturing and web strategy project.

Prior to Emerton Samara had experience in consulting and finance. She also had an entrepreneurship experience as founder of a digital start-up.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Economics and Politics.

She is an English native speaker and speaks fluently Hebrew.

 Emerton Ephraim  

Ephraïm Cuoq, Senior Associate Consultant

Ephraïm Cuoq joined Emerton as Associate Consultant, after a first experience in trading.

At Emerton, he participated in several projects for the business acceleration of innovative technologies and materials.

Ephraïm was also involved in several Gas & Power projects with a global scope.

He graduated in engineering from Centrale-Supélec and in business from ESCP Europe.

 Ermerton Blandine  

Blandine Puibaraud, Senior Consultant

Before joining Emerton, Blandine Puibaraud worked for 3 years as an Energy sector consultant at Pöyry Management Consulting.

Her knowledge of the regulated infrastructure asset sector is extensive; she designed pricing and elaborated investment strategies for gas infrastructures. She has designed entry strategies for new players in growth markets, e.g. LNG and renewable energy.

Blandine is an engineer from Supelec and holds a business degree from ESCP Europe.