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Every successful business strategy is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and the competitive landscape in which it sits. EY-Parthenon industry professionals can share rich and differentiated market insights, since they have both the detailed industry knowledge of today and the big-picture opportunities of industry convergence tomorrow. The industries include: Advanced manufacturing and mobility (AM&M), Consumer, Education, Energy, Financial services, Government and public services, Life sciences, Healthcare, Private equity (PE), and Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT).

By combining the experience of professionals from multiple sectors and disciplines within EY-Parthenon with that of professionals in the broader EY ecosystem, EY-Parthenon teams support clients by focusing on practical solutions that provide real-world results.

Whatever the challenges clients are facing – commercial, financial, operational, legal, risk, regulatory, or tax, both now and in the future – EY-Parthenon teams apply a variety of lenses and tech tools to find broad strategic solutions across strategy and execution to help CEOs and their teams manage complex ecosystems and realize their bold ambitions.

The following questions commonly addressed in our client engagements, illustrate how our EY-Parthenon teams employ big-picture thinking down to bespoke operational tactics to support our clients through complex strategies and transactions:

Is the option to buy vs. build the best strategy to address my digital needs?

  • Where can I cut costs in my business to fuel growth initiatives?
  • In which portfolio business should I invest?
  • Will a divesture optimize the growth and profitability of my business?
  • How can I build competitive advantage throughout my company’s operations?
  • What integration strategy will deliver the most value from my acquisition?