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At a Glance


“Flexible working.”

“Very high degree of autonomy, challenging work with new/complex problems to address frequently.”

“WFH policy .”


“Inefficient internal meetings.”

“Lean structure, small organisation, so promotions really need to be supported by business rationale/ the overall hierarchical structure balance.”

“We can be too conservative at times (in terms of business opportunities).”

About Forrester Asia

Anyone who has ever conducted market research will be familiar with Forrester Research: the company is one of the best-known names in the field, and its data and insights regularly make it into the reports that leading consulting firm present to their clients, as well as the media. It makes sense, then, that the company also maintains a consulting arm of its own, with a mission to help leaders understand, plan for and react to the trends shaping the global business landscape. 

Forrester Consulting’s offerings are tailored to the needs of clients, from webinars, speeches and workshops to in-depth projects that can help leaders to apply insights to execute on transformational strategies. Those strategies touch every aspect of a business, from IT & Technology to Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience and Project Management.

The firm also offers services related to content marketing, leveraging Forrester’s deep expertise in producing content to help clients to design programs to reach target buyers.

Forrester Asia

Splendor Forum, Jasola
Unit No. 301–310
New Dehli 110025

Firm Stats

CEO & Chairman of the Board: George F. Colony