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Vault’s Verdict

Kaiser Associates offers early client-facing responsibility and a supportive environment for its employees. Insiders praise the firm's culture, which is defined by low bureaucracy, manageable hours, and a hybrid working model that allows for work flexibility and strong work-life balance.

Day-to-day, insiders love the challenging, fast-paced nature of their work, which comes with early exposure to senior employees, strong formal and informal training opportunities, and a clear promotion path. Given the control over hours, it’s no surprise to find that compensation isn’t quite at par with the top of the market, but for those seeking to have both a life and a fulfilling career, KA may well be worth investigating further.

Firm Culture

“A great choice if you want early client-facing responsibility and a competitive salary alongside a good work life balance. Not a good choice if you're not interested in being part of a young, boutique office environment or you want to travel with work.”

“Great firm to develop entry-level skills. As a boutique firm, Kaiser definitely possesses greater learning opportunities than rival consulting firms and will also provide you with a competitive salary and supportive environment.”

“If you want a firm where you'll get to lead parts of client presentations 3-6 months into the job and potentially lead projects 2 years in, Kaiser is the best place.”

“Rewarding experience with high exposure and impressive culture.”

“Unique blend between a consulting and a research firm.”

Quality of Life

“Best aspects: exceptional culture, early responsibility (particularly client-facing) given to entry level associates (i.e. trusted and empowered by managers), sensible hybrid working model.”

“Best: Great culture. Worst: too US-centric, firm leadership should strive to build out senior team in London.”

“Hours are good, travel requirements good also with option to reimburse commute costs.” 

“Kaiser does not employ a travel model, which makes working hours for employees much more bearable. Time off at Kaiser is well respected. However, time differences between DC and London offices may often affect employee working hours, as trans-Atlantic projects are common.”

“The working culture at Kaiser is magnificent with most of the projects entailing ~40-50h work weeks and flexible opportunities to work from home or remotely.”


“I am concerned by the compensation progression at the firm. Although entry-level salaries are very competitive, in my view, mid-level positions (i.e., Consultant/Manager) are underpaid as compared to MBB or Big 4.”

“Kaiser retains a competitive base salary, but bonuses could be further improved.”

“Salary should be higher at more senior levels.”

“Signing bonus would have been appreciated but well compensated anyhow.” 

Career Development

“Best aspects: clear quality-driven promotion path and MBA support.

Worst aspects: limited regions for international travel, given size of firm.”

“Fast promotion, great close-knit culture, supportive, challenging.”

“Close environment, incredible exposure to senior employees and ability to make an impact from day one.”

“Kaiser has provided a great career track, where promotions are warranted as soon as performance levels are met. However, training opportunities are yet to be fully standardized.”

“The best aspect of the firm's career development opportunities include: extensive training, 6-month mentorship.” 

Community Engagement

“As an open bisexual person I can clearly state that from my perspective all consultants at the firm have equal access to interesting projects and promotion opportunities.”

“D&I is one of Kaiser's most important priorities. Firm-wide training and follow-up meetings are in place to sustain efforts. I feel consultants at Kaiser have equal access towards opportunity.”

“Yes, lots of different ethnic backgrounds and sexes.” 

Business Outlook

“Kaiser consistently delivers high quality of work to clients, but generally lacks reputation in the industry. The lack of reputation is likely a key reason behind relatively high employee turnover.”

“Leadership seems to be very driven and has vision.”

“Provides deep insights for client and research which allows us to compete with much bigger industry leaders.” 

“Relies too much on key clients, senior people should have more time to do some serious business development.” 

“The employee morale is kept high because of the firm's culture - this supports making sure you have a healthy work-life balance as well as creating a good socialising environment between the employees. Moreover, social initiatives such as charity work are encouraged.”

Hiring Process

“[Firm is seeking] driven and ambitious candidates with an innovative, outside-the-box level of thinking and able to derive key insights from data.”

“Interview process is relatively streamlined compared to other firms. I think it is looking for someone who is very analytical, can spot patterns in data and is proactive.”

“Kaiser's interview process is quite in line with the larger consulting firms, despite the lack of online tests. The ideal candidate should be great at independent work, high structural and critical thinking skills, and has strong communication skills.”

“The interview process was very informative with regards to the types of tasks an associate consultant would be doing. The callback was also very immediate - only one follow up email was sent in between the initial stages.”

Interview Questions

“3 case interviews: market sizing, pricing etc.”

“Case studies on pharmaceuticals, beauty, helicopters.” 

“Market sizing. Reviewing and summarizing a document on a company.”

“Market sizing of advanced personal trainers in London.”

“Revenue Growth Strategy.”

Kaiser Associates EMEA

1615 L St., NW
Suite 1300
DC 20036
Phone: (202) 454-2000

Firm Stats

Partners: Lisa Pryor, Jon Meyerholz, and Kevin Slayden
Chief Strategy & Operating Officer: Amy Case

Major Office Locations

London, UK

Major Departments & Practices

  • Consumer & Retail
  • Financial Services & Payments
  • Industrial Goods & Services
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Private Equity and M&A
  • Government & Nonprofit