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About Malk Partners

Based in La Jolla, CA, Malk Partners works with private market investment firms and their portfolio companies to identify, set and monitor areas for ESG governance within their businesses. 

Malk’s consultants draw on a toolkit that includes transaction advisory, operational engagement, and investor relationships, and provides services related to establishing firm level commitments to ESG initiatives, as well as due diligence and monitoring and reporting. The firm’s consultants also work with impact investment funds, providing advice and strategies for improving social and/or environmental impacts. This triple bottom line approach is supported by Malk’s abilities in setting fund-level strategies, in addition to due diligence, monitoring and reporting.

Malk Partners

7911 Herschel Avenue
4th Floor
La Jolla, CA 92037

Firm Stats

Chief Executive Officer: Max Hong
Chief Financial Officer: Dan Surette
Chief Operating Officer: Ryan Werffeli
2023 Employees (All Locations): 84

Major Office Locations

La Jolla, CA
New York, NY