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Vault’s Verdict

Day-to-day, Publicis Sapient is well regarded as an employer, with insiders citing a progressive approach to work location, as well as the ability to tailor the firm to individual requirements and preferences. Indeed, insiders have the option to work from different cities for up to 6 consecutive weeks every 12 months—a perk that is all but unheard of elsewhere in the industry. For those seeking a modern take on the consulting lifestyle—particularly if digital transformation is your thing—this may be the firm you’ve been looking for.

Firm Culture

“Better work life balance than any other incumbent consulting firm out there.”

“Growing up in a challenging and caring environment, surrounded by amazing leadership.”

“Support C-level client in transforming their business operations, starting with the clients & partners and with positive impact on people. Possible through a unique smooth combination of several capabilities (SPEED for Strategy, P for Product, E for Engineering, E for Experience and D for Data).”

“What makes Publicis Sapient unique is our entire focus globally on helping our clients transform into digital businesses that positively impact people's lives. For us, this means our success is not about the ability to implement a program or tool; it’s inextricably linked to the ability to drive specific business outcomes and evolve products, services, and experiences over time so that the business can be ever relevant with their increasingly digital consumers.”

“Work life balance is respected. I can go out, practice tennis or just watch a movie every evening.”

Quality of Life

“Cultural events/all hands which are very fun. Strong emphasis on team norms and bringing everyone into discussions.”

“Fully flexible and adapted to personal requirements/ preferences (on both location and time off) as long as shared reasonably in advance with teams members and compatible with client expectations.”

“Our culture is predicated on bringing the brightest and the best together to solve interesting client problems while having fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously and shape the teams so that MBB calibre people can thrive alongside our full range of talent.”

“Publicis Sapient enables its employees to take advantage of technology to increase mobility and flexibility. We have: 

- A flexible work schedule, working With offices all over the world, PS allows employees to work remotely, from home, at the office, or hybrid.

- Work Your World was launched as an unique opportunity to work from the city or country of their choosing for up to 6 consecutive weeks every 12 months. It's a great experience allowing employees to discover new cultures and to nourish their mental wellbeing.”

“The firm deeply cares about work life balance and addresses concerns that may arise swiftly.”


“In terms of equality, Publicis Sapient is committed to reduce the gender pay gap and the company has made some steady progress. One of the main reasons for the gender pay gap is that men are more likely to be in the consulting and technology sector and the lower representation of female leaders in senior roles.”

“The package for an entry level consultant is very attractive.”

Career Development

“Frequent promotion opportunities (promotion reviews every 6 months) with 100% merit-based promotion policy. Very through and objective promotion reviews.”

“Best aspect is the promotion processes and the coaching to go manage it.”

“Promotion is based on individual path with the ability for one to go faster. It is a very positive signal sent to all firm employees to value their commitment and the quality of the job they perform.”

“"Promotions are tracked by gender to ensure equality and have specific policies to ensure fair and equitable promotions. A Bias Reflection Worksheet for use in the pre-nomination process, Bias Awareness Training (required) for Promotion Readiness and Bias Awareness Sessions within the promotion, merit, and bonus approval decision process were introduced.”

“Transparent and merit-based. We don't restrict based on head count capacity.”

Community Engagement

“All candidates are interviewed by a diverse panel of interviewers and job postings are on diverse sites.”

“Business Resource Groups promote activities that support to different communities an groups. For example, Pride for LGBTQ + community, PAC for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities, Women’s Leadership Network, EnAble for people with disabilities, Travelers for people who relocate, etc.”

“Project Mosaic is an initiative designed to attract and retain diverse talent into our executive and Management Consulting practices. Our Talent Acquisition and DEI functions partner to build the strategy for diversity and recruitment at these levels.”

“Publicis Sapient does not tolerate and prohibits intentional and unintentional discrimination, harassment or retaliation from any employee, client, vendor, or anyone who has a direct contact with the company.”

“Zero tolerance vs. discrimination. Transgender guidelines. Diversity of candidate interviewee (hiring).” 

Business Outlook

“Strong growth outlook. Sustained differentiation (cf. SPEED capabilities). Clear plan, backed-up with talents pool (incl. aggressive hiring plan).”

“We are specialized in the digital business transformation and the business is growing and growing”

“We continue to see strong growth as we look to the rest of the year and going into 2023. A key aspect of our differentiation that continues to drive that growth is our ability to bring our SPEED (Strategy, Product, Engineering, Experience, Data) capabilities together to driver strong outcomes for clients. This is all possible through a combination of the company culture, ways of working, and the investment seen in bringing in and nurturing talent within each of these areas.”

Hiring Process

“A candidate with personality and original background.”

“Feedbacks and callbacks personalized following every interview/ steps .”

“Ideal candidate: strong analytical capabilities / rigor and problem solving combined with interpersonal fit and innovative ideas (ability to think out of the box). Huge focus on shared values (inclusivity, goodwill, humbleness).”

“Strategic thinking, passionate about using digital to solve client problems, high ability to influence client outcomes and thinking, versatile problem solvers.”

Interview Questions

“Classic consulting interviews (4 rounds).” 

“Typical case study questions seen in strategy consulting firms.”

Publicis Sapient Europe

Boston , MA

Firm Stats

Chief Executive Officer: Nigel Vaz
Chief Marketing Officer: Teresa Barreira
Chief Growth Officer: Arthur Filip
2023 Employees (All Locations): 24,000

Major Departments & Practices

  • Consumer Products
  • Energy & Commodities
  • Financial Services
  • Health
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications, Media & Technology
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Travel & Hospitality