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Vault’s Verdict

New to our survey this year, Redseer is a firm that has established a strong reputation across the APAC region for research and consulting in the tech space. That bodes well for the firm in the years ahead, with no shortage of digital strategy projects even if macroeconomic trends lead to a slowdown in other sectors of the economy.

As an employer, the firm is generally well-regarded by its consultants, who reserve specific praise for the Redseer’s capabilities, career growth opportunities, and low travel model—all of which make for a compelling package, especially for younger consultants seeking to gain industry exposure.

Firm Culture

“Anyone who is looking to get into the world in Indian startup space while building a consulting firm grounds up and having a decent work life balance while having friendly colleagues around should consider Redseer.”

“Consider the growth curve you can achieve, the world-class day-0 exposure, & the work culture and you would find it very hard to find a better firm to kick-start your career.”

“Good experience for a newcomer and you get to learn a lot of things which will help you down the road - whether you stay in the firm or decide to leave. You develop skillsets that can be easily transferred to other jobs in the future.”

“It is the only firm that concentrates on primary as well as secondary market research with such in-depth data and accuracy. Provides both management and strategy consulting to some very big names in the industry such as Flipkart.”

“Redseer values experience and learning. While educational qualifications are given due importance, the organisation identifies the need to look at delivered results when deciding whom to push forward. It tries to retain employees it values and maintains an environment where one feels seen and recognised for the hard work we put in. While we compete with big firms, I believe the very idea of an entry-level employee being recognised by the leadership for the work they do is unique to the organisation. It prides itself on being more efficient than established firms and stands true to its promise even as it grows. Client satisfaction is given priority and the culture of 'hustle' stays to deliver better outputs every time. There is no place for stagnation, unlike many 'big' firms relying on prestige alone to keep them going. Redseer continues to grow from within even as it grows into a bigger and better brand each day.”

“The only consulting firm that specializes in consumer internet (related to startups and VCs/PEs). Hence, our target is very niche, yet it shows great potential in the future and I believe Redseer will thrive as a consulting firm once the consumer internet economy becomes massive, since core competency has been established years ago.”

Quality of Life

“Availability of the option to work remotely is the best practice that my firm follows when it comes to improving the quality of life of its employees. Not acknowledging the overtime hours put in by us is the worst aspect.”

“Hours can be long when working on a specific project but that's only for a few days before the client meetings. Flexible working hours and WFH is given when requested. No travel requirements so far except for one team meeting in India. Very easy to take time off when we put in the leave requests in advance.”

“I would say that there are times in the firm where we have to extend and push late nights but that again is on the very lesser side and also because its taking me more time as I am a slow learner to do it, otherwise I would say if you can manage your time well and complete the work in the given time with pure focus then you can maintain good work/life balance overall. And on weekends we have full off as well, so that's a great thing. One thing if I would have to say would only be the times where we have to push more even when that work might not be as urgent as expected. Just because your manager is asking for it you would have to do it but maybe you could have taken 1-2 days more to complete that work so that aspect remains.”

“Substantial part of the work can be done remotely or from office so travel is very mild. Working hours are also quite reasonable. In general, very approachable, down-to-earth colleagues where things can be discussed openly.”

“Work hours are very flexible, and we follow a hybrid workplace policy with a mix of work from home and office. The staffing team keeps a check on employee burnout and leaves taken and motivates employees to go on breaks if they haven't done so in a while.”


“As a fresher the salary component offered is fair; The aspect in which there could be improvement is related to being able to provide a better pay for the extra hours put in and paying in terms of the value the individual brings into the firm.”

“Compensation is very competitive by industry standards. Perks offered are sometimes above expectations when the firm does well. So the firm’s growth translates into tangible benefits for employees as well. 

Area of improvement - Variable component can be reduced with in hand monthly fixed being increased.” 

“The base salary for entry-level employees is poor compared to industry standards. The firm also currently lags behind in providing benefits/perks.”

“The compensation provided at a junior level would be similar to the industry standard. However, salary progression within the firm is excellent and would be a lot better than other consulting firms.”

“There is pay equality; and attractive perks such as paid meals and entertainment allowances. My favorite one is the entertainment allowance wherein the firm encourages us to spend on fun and activities. Salary progression is tied to career and performance progression.”

Career Development

“Best aspects include fair promotion processes. However, diversity within the organisation could be better if more women (or people identifying as women) could be in positions of responsibility, especially within consulting.”

“Entry-level employees are given opportunities to sit during investor/client meetings and contribute to the findings. The compensation package is great, not sure about the promotion process as I have been with the company for less than a year. The company culture is great and the team is extremely helpful. Ample training opportunities when requested and diversity within the team.”

“Overall, company offers many opportunities to get promotions and have good diversity in terms of the workforce. People here come from all walks of life and enjoy their work. Though, I feel more formal training will help us to do more for the growth.”

“Redseer lies in a sweet spot between a startup and a large organization, allowing the employees to discover and venture into new areas while providing a structured flow of process. The team at Redseer is a fairly young group of employees, passionate about the industry which makes it easier to collaborate and solve problems.”

“Very meritocratic culture when it comes to promotions and career development. Have seen people rise from a consultant to a partner level in 5-6 years which is a huge testimony to career development opportunity.”

Community Engagement

“Gender diversity is actively pursued across the firm. Significant number of junior and senior staff are women. The company continues to proactively look for female candidates. Ethnic diversity is work-in-progress at the moment. Significant effort is being made to improve diversity in terms of ethnicity, disable people and historically underserved individuals.”

“I think we are fairly meritocratic. While DEI is not a strategic priority, never felt that this is an issue. Noticeably, leadership (including extended), has zero women on the business side.”

“The culture of the firm has been strongly rooted in equal respect and opportunities for all individuals. While the diversity with respect to gender has been great at an overall level and focus has been reasonably high- there is scope for improvement in terms of outcomes (number of female partner in core consulting and delivery roles).”

“While the organisation is trying to improve gender diversity, the power dynamic could be improved if more women (or people who identify as women) were in positions of responsibility and not just at entry levels (specifically for consulting). Furthermore, specific initiatives (focused hiring, sensitisation programs etc.) should be launched by the company to increase inclusivity and sensitivity towards LGBTQ+ and Individuals with disabilities within the organization.”

“We have employees from across different backgrounds. Differently abled employees also are present who have done well and grown in their careers. The culture is very open and welcoming.”

Business Outlook

“As Redseer Strategy Consultants is the only consulting firm dealing with primary research and consulting in the space of web and communication technology with such accuracy, the future growth prospects of the company are very much positive. According to latest trends in the industry I think the company is doing very well, which boosts the employee morale; each and every employee likes their work domain and works for the betterment of the company.”

“Best - concentrated focus on consumer internet sector allows it to go all-in on the opportunities that exist in the segment. It has been nimble in exploring newer growth opportunities in assisting companies in tapping the public markets and providing deeper strategic engagements. Employee morale is high as they get to work on innovative and cutting-edge trends in the industry.”

“Everyone is so innovative and creative with the client projects that it's always a new experience to work with everyone. The leaders are the mentors for their teams and always tend to impart all the important industry news and knowledge to the juniors.”

“Redseer is one of the leaders in the APAC region in the consumer internet space. The firm has a strong brand name and niche in the sector in which it operates. The firm has seen strong growth momentum and I feel the same is expected to continue in future as well.”

“The company has a strong leadership with a fresh approach to strategy and management consulting. Primary research is a key aspect of all outputs, which is carried out in-house to ensure better accountability and quality. We are market leaders when it comes to digital-first consumer markets and have been expanding knowledge expertise across many fields (ranging from food-tech to insur-tech). The diversity of projects keeps employee morale high as each project is thrilling and insightful, making it a rich consulting experience.”

Hiring Process

“Candidates who have strong academic and non-academic track-record are best suited for the company. Candidates who display energy and bottom-up thinking can thrive in this organisation.”

“Company is honest about the expectations (in terms of working hours etc.) and ensures a potential employee is one with passion, dedication and drive towards consulting. Cultural fit is another important aspect for the organisation. Behavioural traits such as willingness to learn, ability to question set approaches and think outside the box are sought during the interview process.”

“Interview process that the firm followed was layered and very thorough. I had multiple rounds, with different themes each time. An ideal candidate for the firm is someone who can hustle and deliver, with sharp insights backed by data and logic, who fits the culture here as well.”

“The company makes sure that the interview process is completed within a week and informs the candidate of everything (date, time of the interview, stages) prior. It has 4 rounds of interview processes with each process testing individual's different capabilities like analysis tools, knowledge, case studies, market awareness, etc.”

“Usually the interview happens in person, although more recently, due to COVID, it’s more internet based. Generally,  HR will reach out and schedule a time and then it takes 1-2 weeks post-interview to get callbacks for further interviews. After 2-3 rounds, you get the final call on selection.”

Interview Questions

“Case based interview rounds around market sizing, growth strategies, etc.” 

“During my interview, the case study given to me was how to gather information regarding the material prices of the car competitors and how you would derive information from them. Another case study was: If I have to understand the different courses in one particular college and its admission rates, whom would be the best option to derive the information from.”

“Mainly guess-estimates on various scenarios like online food ordering, one specific product, etc. as to how it will scale up and the factors involved to be considered while analysing and measuring the growth of that particular segment. These were asked to us during interviews.”

“One of the interview cases revolved around a food delivery service platform facing revenue and unit economic problems.”

“We had case studies relating to data analysis like guesstimating the number of burgers sold in India by all chains of McDonald's in India. Some questions related to general knowledge and consumer behaviours.”

Redseer Strategy Consultants

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