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Our Work

Simon-Kucher is a global consultancy with more than 2,000 employees in 30 countries. Our sole focus is on unlocking better growth that drives measurable revenue and profit for our clients. We achieve this by optimizing every lever of their commercial strategy – product, price, innovation, marketing, and sales – based on deep insights into what customers want and value. With 37 years of experience in monetization topics of all kinds, we are regarded as the world’s leading pricing and growth specialist.

Ravi, a consultant in Boston, was thrilled to find himself on a pricing project that saw a highly anticipated pharmaceutical product introduced into a market with a direct competitor launching simultaneously. Ravi and his team used quantitative and qualitative analysis and even game theory to predict market reactions and responses to the product. The results of the project fed into the client's strategic planning and business forecasting, and Simon-Kucher & Partners helped the company determine a pricing strategy each step of the way until the product launch. Said Ravi, “It’s exciting to be an integral part of the development and launch of cutting edge products and technologies.” Jon, a consultant with an MBA and a PhD in pathology, likes the fact that he’s able to be involved in projects related to his thesis topic through his involvement in pharmaceutical projects. 

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Your growth

Simon-Kucher is committed to growth and is currently in an excellent position. Revenue grows continuously worldwide. And fortunately, as we grow, so do you. Mike, the consultant who counts his co-workers as friends inside and outside of the office, joined the company as an entry level consultant (C1) and has since been promoted three times in almost as many years. In that time, his responsibilities have increased significantly: where he was once guided through analyses by project managers, he now manages work streams, gives client presentations, and represents the firm at industry conventions.

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Work with us

Our people are our biggest asset, so we are committed to working with you to develop your growth potential. We work to build authentic, long-term relationships with each other and our clients. We do this with respect, integrity, and openness.We create an inclusive and diverse culture that allows us to share knowledge, innovate, and grow faster as a team and as individuals. This creates a culture where people feel valued, can be themselves, know their contribution matters and are recognized. Finally, we pride ourselves on maintaining a vibrant office social culture and having fun while building lasting friendships.

What do successful applicants at Simon-Kucher have in common? They have strong analytical, quantitative, and communication skills. They are strong leaders and critical thinkers. They thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, are willing to take the initiative and are eager to direct their own career development. Successful candidates enjoy working in teams and are able to play different roles as their team assignments change from project to project. They also share our core values.

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Interview Tips

Our application processes differ depending on the country you apply to, so please read each role vacancy carefully and make sure you meet the minimum criteria.

Once you have sent us your application, we will review it thoroughly and get back to you as soon as possible. If successful, we will reach out to arrange the next step in our selection process.

Our selection process is all about getting to know each other. Be ready to show your skills and achievements and ask plenty of questions.

Whether it’s a consulting career or applying for another role, you’re most likely to succeed by being yourself and being well-prepared.

We’ll also assess your technical, problem-solving, and analytical skills, usually with case studies or other exercises. Don’t worry; we want you to do well. Everything will be clearly explained, and you will have many opportunities to ask questions. After all, it’s your chance to evaluate us as well.

Connect with us

The best way to get to know us better is by connecting with us online. You can stay connected with us and get regular updates when we have something to share with you, by joining our online channels:

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