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Our Culture

When you join Simon-Kucher, you become part of a unique entrepreneurial team.

We take what we do seriously, but we also know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed and can be themselves. It helps us to deliver fantastic work with real impact for our clients. And it also makes for a great place to work!

Finally, we pride ourselves on maintaining a vibrant office social culture and having fun while building lasting friendships.


Our values drive our culture

Our four values drive our culture and are at the forefront of everything we do:

  • Creating a positive impact
  • Valuing authentic relationships
  • Unlocking the power of opportunity
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit

We look for individuals who live our values and help them develop through training and early involvement in assignments that will stretch their abilities. We do this in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Better Growth isn't just something we say.

It's everything we do.

Check out the range of career opportunities we offer:

International Opportunities

Many who are interested in pursuing a career in consulting are attracted by the potential opportunity to work internationally. Given our global presence with offices and clients all over the world, we’ve got you covered. When we can (and if you’re up for it), we’ll give you the chance to experience different cultures. 

Many of our projects are international and the majority of our project teams consists of colleagues from around the world. So, even when sitting at their desk our associates may find themselves in a phone conference with clients and Simon-Kucher colleagues from several countries. Or they might meet up with an international client team at a workshop jointly held with other Simon-Kucher team members.

Based on staffing needs and required expertise, our offices exchange consultants on a by-project basis, often allowing consultants to work on assignments in other countries.

Given our commitment to globalization, we welcome and support consultants who wish to experience working in a Simon-Kucher office abroad for a longer period of time. With our international rotation program, associates may have the opportunity to rotate to another office for a period of three to six months. Longer-term transfers are also possible and we currently have several dozen expatriates who have moved to another country for a year or longer.

Meet Our CEOs

Mark Billige


Mark is CEO at Simon-Kucher and has been with our company since 2006. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of pricing and financial management. Mark advises clients in B2B and B2C industries, such as media, software, and professional services.

Before joining Simon-Kucher, Mark worked in various positions within industry and consulting. He held senior posts in pricing and corporate finance at FLAG Telecom and Reliance Industries and was a management consultant at PWC Consulting and IBM Business Consulting.

Mark is a regular speaker and moderator at conferences and business schools and often appears in the press and broadcast media to comment on pricing strategy topics. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in management from the University of Nottingham.

Dr. Andreas von der Gathen


Andreas is the second CEO at Simon-Kucher. He was previously the global head of our company’s Consumer & Retail practice. He has particularly focused on topics combining marketing and management control and has directly accompanied the implementation of new strategies at many client companies.

Before joining Simon-Kucher, Andreas studied economics and business administration at the University of Bochum. After receiving his Master of Business Administration in economics, he worked as an academic assistant for the university’s Chair of Marketing.

Andreas is a speaker at IIR Deutschland, Management Circle, and Management Forum and is the author of several books and articles.

Work-Life Balance

Consultants have a well-deserved reputation for being hard workers. In their work, they often face intellectual challenges, long hours and time away from friends and family. As an associate, we know that you need time away from the office to relax and recharge. You’re more likely be satisfied in your job when you enjoy your work – and when you lead a happy, fulfilling life outside of the office.

At Simon-Kucher we ask our partners to try to avoid excessive weekend and late night work where possible. Beyond that, we support our associates’ efforts in finding and maintaining a balance between work and home life in several ways:

  • An approved leave of absence may give you the time and space to fulfill a personal wish, such as an extended journey, a non-work-related educational program or simply spending time with friends and family.
  • If personal commitments such as caring for a child or an elderly family member require your attendance more permanently, together we will attempt to work out flexible or part-time arrangements that fit both your personal needs and our business needs.
  • If your personal situation requires that you move to a different location, we will do our utmost to identify opportunities for you to transfer to a different office. The same is true if you want to work from home or from a different Simon-Kucher office for a short period of time.
  • As a final point, unlike at many other consulting firms, our consultants' career advancement is not measured in terms of hours worked/billability. Rather, we value substantive contributions and review advancement decisions on the basis of contributions.

Your Career with Us

At Simon-Kucher, you will learn much from your work with clients and colleagues because education is important to us, and we try to ensure that our consultants can grow intellectually and professionally in their work at Simon-Kucher.

Employees starting with Simon-Kucher attend a week-long Strategic Training for Employee Professional Success (STEPS) for new hires. During the onboarding training week, you'll learn more about our various divisions, vision and values, pricing basics, and project tools. You will get together with other new associates from offices all around the world for presentations, case studies and team events that will build the foundation for your work. STEPS guides you through a full project, where every day is one project phase. Our associates forge lifelong friendships through STEPS, learning together and going out after the day’s work ends. 

And our education is ongoing! Along with learning by doing, the Simon-Kucher Academy as a comprehensive training program will help you develop and expand your individual skills over time. Our training sessions are designed specifically for us. And the information that you learn is always relevant. Our broad training program is constantly growing, as we continuously add new seminars, training material and webinars. Our Academy covers a full range of topics - analytical and methodical abilities, soft skills such as leadership and project management, and seminars on our own consulting areas. 

Unlike many consulting firms, we do not have an “up-or-out” principle. Instead, our promotion system is based on a holistic 360-degree evaluation that we conduct twice a year. That means your individual career advancement depends on your performance and your evaluations from peers, supervisors and team members. If your performance is outstanding, you may be able to move up and take over responsibilities faster than you could at other consultancies. 

Our Partners evaluate and provide feedback to each associate twice a year. These sessions are important for your growth and ours. Colleagues will evaluate you, and you will also assess your own performance and evaluate your colleagues. Together with your Partner, you will conduct a development talk to define the next steps that will help you grow faster, use your potential and move up in the ranks. 

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