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Krista Perry is a partner at Trinity Life Sciences. Having worked at the firm for 15 years, she has personally witnessed how far the industry has come. When she joined the firm, there weren’t any affinity or diversity groups. Since then, things have grown organically, starting with women in business and DEI groups, leading to dedicated staff and multiple employee-driven affinity groups.

In the video below, Krista introduces Patrick Hong, a senior consultant at Trinity who chairs the LGBTQIA Perspectives group. Patrick discusses the initiatives that groups like his are working on and how they’ve changed the landscape for newcomers joining the firm. He talks about when he first joined Trinity and had a mentor who helped him navigate issues such as ‘Should I come out at work or how should I come out at work?’ He explains how conversations like these helped him to feel comfortable about his own identity and to be his best self at work.


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