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“Flexibility and good client engagement opportunity.”

“Take on more responsibility early.”

“The people and culture.”


“Hours can be long, but that is expected.”

“Lack of global presence.”

“Lack of benefits.”

About Wavestone

Wavestone’s roots can be traced back to 1990 with the creation of Solucom by Michel Dancoisne and Pascal Imbert. Solucom experienced growth into the 2010s due to various acquisitions and expanded its operations into international markets by 2012. In 2015, a merger with consulting firm Kurt Salmon led to the rebranding of Solucom as Wavestone, as the name “symbolizes the promise [the company makes] to our customers: to be one with change, innovation, creativity without ever losing sight of rigor, high standards and the long term.” The company’s current CEO is Pascal Imbert and its corporate headquarters is located in Paris La Defense, France.

Wavestone is a consulting firm that specializes in supporting companies and organizations as they go through major projects and transitional periods by aiding in rebranding efforts and reorganization, among other areas. Those interested in a career with Wavestone will find open opportunities in areas such as Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Cybersecurity, Marketing, and more. The company also offers an internship program for students and recent graduates.

The company has made a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. In a November 2021 press release, Wavestone reaffirmed this commitment, acknowledging that digital technology is not only changing the way companies operate, but that the digital industry’s energy consumption is increasing by about 6% each year. Wavestone has taken steps towards sustainable operations by raising employee awareness of climate-related issues, and including environmental criteria in requests for proposals. The company has also established a “Sustainable Tech” community that provides expertise to its clients, so that they can make responsible decisions as they continue to integrate digital technology into their operations.


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Firm Stats

CEO and Co-founder: Pascal Imbert

Major Office Locations

New York City, NY
Dallas, TX

Major Departments & Practices

Management Consulting