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Vault’s Verdict

For those with a passion for public policy, looking to do meaningful work on an international scale, Whiteshield offers an exceptional consulting experience. An entrepreneurial culture with early exposure to a diverse range of clients, Whiteshield is a place for enthusiastic self-starters—described by the people who know it best as an ideal place to start and accelerate your career.

The opportunity to dive deep into a variety of high-impact client engagements and be rewarded and recognized for investing in your own professional development make Whiteshield a growth experience to rival the biggest international firms. But it’s the close-knit, low-stress environment of camaraderie and trust that truly sets this firm apart. Couple that with the innovative work it does in the public policy arena and generous salary, and Whiteshield is a firm that should check all the boxes for any young consultant.

Firm Culture

  • “A place where you [can] grow your talent and be recognized by it.”
  • “If you want to have an opportunity to grow, work on research & development, innovation and strategy projects that can have an impact on the wellbeing of societies, then Whiteshield is the place for you. At Whiteshield, you will be trusted, empowered and given the opportunities to learn and contribute to the high-impact work that the firm executes day in and day out.”
  • “Whiteshield's focus on quality and results as opposed to following process and focused deliverables is unique.”
  • “Have a unique experience; develop leadership and technical capabilities that will serve you for the rest of your life.”
  • “Very positive, fruitful, continuous learning and growing experience.”
  • “Amazing, high-impact topics, with an amazing team.”

Quality of Life

  • “[The] best aspect is flexibility of working hours. Time off is easily requested and approved.”
  • “Consulting always has issues with work-life balance, but my company takes active steps towards rewarding overworking and create favourable environment.”
  • “Best aspects: the company is agile and dynamic; it adapts to each individual's needs. It places the employees at the same level of priority as the customer (highest priority). Worst aspect: there's room for improvement in every area, but nothing particularly bad in terms of quality of life.”
  • “Support/sponsorship of sports activities. Healthy living challenges, monthly initiatives; weekly challenges.”
  • “The amount of vacation time is very fair and satisfactory. Management encourages me to take my vacation and I can always count on my colleagues for support.”
  • “Very accommodating, I can set my schedule on holidays as long as I can plan and manage the handover of responsibilities. I have never needed additional holidays, but the company is flexible to allow people to do remote/distance work for a period in exceptional circumstances. Similarly, the company encourages people to take their allocated time off every year to ensure adequate work/life balance.”

Career Development

  • “Whiteshield is not a 'one-size-fits-all' management consulting experience; it places each individual on a personalised path for development, career growth and opportunities based on matching skills and individual aspirations.  In this regard, the company will accelerate the promotion of individuals that demonstrate the ability to take on additional responsibilities. The process, communications and expectations are transparent to all which ensures the process is fair and well understood.”
  • “Great place to learn and progress. Hard work is recognized and rewarded.”
  • “Great teamwork. Good compensation”
  • “Best aspects: diversity of projects; diversity of employees; mentoring and HR procedures; overall environment.”
  • “The best: project experience; diverse clients; public policy advisory.”


  • “Good salary which helps for a stable life and extra for saving.”
  • “Best: the pension scheme retirement fund.”
  • “Best: transparent, competitive salary, increments tied to performance and career progression; always paid on time. Worst - it could be higher; it could include more/additional expatriate benefits.”
  • “Salaries are good. Bonuses percentages are above market practice.”


  • “The company always aims at creating new strategies, implementing complex projects, introducing technologies and innovative ideas to public policy sector.”
  • “The firm is dynamic and adapts to the emerging global environment. No example would be better than to highlight how the firm showcased its resilience in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. In a matter of days, all resources were re-deployed, the firm adapted it's focus and immediately started producing new business opportunities in the areas that required attention.   In parallel, it looked after all employee needs to ensure that everyone was adequately looked after and engaged during this difficult period.”
  • “Great offer positioning on the market. Recognized provider of public policy consulting and advisory.”

Interview Questions

  • “Public policy cases.”
  • “Public policy cases; in-situ role play


  • “Working with Whiteshield is a satisfying [experience]; the firm is respectful and considerate and you feel like you want to give a lot for your job every day without stop and without getting tired.”
  • “The firm actively encourages diversity and openly recognises its responsibility for providing people from all backgrounds with equal opportunities to join the firm and grow within it. I have never seen any instance where the firm made or failed to make a decision that would discourage diversity in the workplace.”
  • “The company fully respects diversity and CSR.”

Berkely Square House
2nd Floor London
England W1J 6BD
Phone: +442045110079

Firm Stats

Managing Partner: Fadi Farra
Senior Partner & Director: Anthony O’Sullivan
2022 Employees (All Locations): 100

Major Office Locations

Saudi Arabia

Major Departments & Practices

Public Policy Advisory
Strategy Advisory