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Who are We?

A public policy advisory firm with a global network of consultants working in partnership with decision makers and expert communities across the globe to tackle societies’ greatest challenges. We are recognized for our rapid decision support, innovation, data science algorithms and deep policy expertise. We are experienced in ‘connecting the dots’ between policy, business and enhancing the lives of citizens.

Why Work Here? 

Whiteshield stands out as a truly unique company within the field of Public Policy due to its network of experts and the nature of work; tackling societies’ greatest challenges. At Whiteshield you have the opportunity to develop every day due to the flexibility and breadth of tasks which encompass research, policy analysis, design and impact assessment, and projects presentations to clients. From day 1 you are granted a high degree of empowerment and responsibility. You are spurred to think critically and express opinion on both project content and methodology of delivery, in turn, enabling you to adopt a pro-active rather than reactive approach in your work which enhances your ability to learn-while-doing.


What Makes Us Stand Out from Competitors? 


Special Aspects? 

Impact & Exposure: At Whiteshield you work on tackling the most pressing global issues such as improving a country’s economy, gender equality or increasing access to education. A truly fast-paced nurturing environment where projects are on such a scale that implementation requires connecting with stakeholders ranging from high government official to industry leaders.

Empowering Our People: At Whiteshield we recognize that our employees are the core to our success and believe that when our exceptional talent comes together, and wellbeing is a priority – innovation thrives. We are dedicated to promoting and 

encouraging a healthy work-life balance and as a result adopt a truly flexible working model to empower our employees to pursue a balance that suits their personal needs by offering an inclusive, competitive, and flexible benefits program. 

Celebrating Achievements: At Whiteshield, we seek to reward those who demonstrate exceptional individual achievements above and beyond expectations in the pursuit of continuously seeking excellence for our clients. When individuals excel, we demonstrate our appreciation and celebrate achievements by generously recognizing and supporting the career progression of those who make unique contributions to the firm. 

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunities: At Whiteshield we are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment regardless of individual characteristics. We recognize that our employees feel most appreciated when their thoughts and values are respected and considered. We’re committed to maintaining and driving an inclusive culture and workplace where everyone's talents are nurtured, and all feel empowered to contribute.