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As the leading Career Intelligence platform, Vault’s partnering universities promote your exclusive content to their students as a key research tool for interviewing, networking, and selecting industries and employers. Active professionals use Vault to manage their career growth and continue research on their employers of choice.

When candidates research Vault, they may be starting their career search, preparing for interviews, or evaluating an offer. By connecting with our audience at these key moments of engagement, you have the chance to influence their decision and impact their career.

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Become Vault Verified Through Our Employee and Intern Surveys

Vault surveys have captured more than 60,000 responses annually and are distributed by top companies to their employees and interns. Through Vault’s verified survey process, we collect feedback on culture, quality of work, training, diversity, and many other important factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and prestige—and that are essential to career seekers when researching employer fit.

By participating in one of our annual industry surveys for Law, Banking, Accounting, Consulting, or Internship Programs, your company will become Vault Verified.

Access Top Candidates and Engage with Them Authentically with Our Virtual Career Fair Platform

Host a virtual career fair to showcase all the opportunities you have available as an employer. Engage your audience or students from our 500+ university network with virtual booths, 1:1 video meetings and live video presentations.

  • Unlimited attendees, booths, 1:1 video meetings, and direct messaging
  • Access (if you need it) to candidates from Vault-Firsthand’s 500+ universities
  • Collect resumes and measure engagement with analytics and reports
  • Built in emailing tool to segment and follow up with attendees
  • Support from a dedicated project manager to ensure your fair is a success
Expand Your, or Your Team's, Professional Career and Technology Skills

Set yourself up for continual career growth through hundreds of professional development and technology training courses available on-demand with options for knowledge assessment and certification badging.

Customize Your Profile and Employer Brand

With several profile options, companies can select the template that best suits their employer branding and recruitment needs. Options range from a basic listing to a standard or premium profile, where a company can incorporate custom branding and content, such as videos, photos, and links that drive the candidate from Vault to the company’s website.

Expand Your Employer Brand Across Vault’s Resources

Vault offers many ways for employers to connect with your candidates beyond your firm's profile page. We help to expand your employer brand and recruitment message throughout our key resources, such as our guidebooks, rankings pages, school portals, and career blog.

Branding Sponsorships: Targeted Ad Campaigns and Guidebook Underwriting

Influence your firm’s ideal candidates throughout their Vault research by spreading your core message and brand across our platform. A targeted banner ad campaign and guidebook sponsorships can help you develop or strengthen your firm’s reputation, drive traffic back to your website, and best leverage traffic throughout the Vault site.

Content Sponsorships: Contribute to Our Career Blog

Sponsoring content outside of your profile helps to reach a larger audience and attract new talent to your firm. The content should offer students and/or laterals industry expertise and advice, allowing your company to be seen and remembered as the industry experts.

Learn from Industry Leaders: Best Practices for Recruiting and Attracting Top Internship Talent

Get practical insights and insider tips as leading recruiters discuss the strategic recruiting initiatives they use at their companies. Discover best-in-class information about employer success, tips for recruiting virtually, and more.

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