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How to Conduct a Job Search While You’re Still Employed

by Rob Porter | June 14, 2024

There's a certain finesse to conducting a job search while you're still employed. Here's what you need to know.

A Day in the Life of a Public Defender

by Vault Careers | June 12, 2024

Considering a career in law, or a transition within the legal profession? The following profile of a day in the life of a public defender is an...

5 Great STEM Careers That Let You Travel

by Rob Porter | June 12, 2024

Looking for a change of scenery? Here are some exciting STEM careers that let you travel.

The Top Five Law Firms for Mergers & Acquisitions

by Nancy Vesta | June 11, 2024

In this post by editorial coordinator Nancy Vesta, we take a look at the top five M&A firms from Vault Law's 2023 Annual Associate Survey.

Redseer’s Rising Stars: the Journeys of Budding Consultants

by Redseer Strategy Consultants | June 11, 2024

New Redseer consultants share with Vault readers what it's like for a new consultant at the firm, from professional growth to diversity.

Introvert’s Guide to Internships

by Rob Porter | June 10, 2024

There are strategies introverts can implement to have a successful internship experience. Here's what you need to know.

How to Excel in a Competitive Internship Program

by John Abercrombie | June 07, 2024

We offer strategies for leaving a lasting impression during your internship, acquiring useful skills, and opening doors for a potential job offers.

Trial Work Q&A With Wilkinson Stekloff Attorneys

by Wilkinson Stekloff | June 07, 2024

In this sponsored post from Wilkinson Stekloff, enjoy a Q&A with three of their attorneys about trial practice in general and at their firm.

3 Career Lessons from Taylor Swift

by Emily Wiegand | June 06, 2024

Even Taylor Swift experiences career struggles, and here are 3 that we can learn from.

5 Common Internship Mistakes to Avoid

by Rob Porter | June 06, 2024

During an internship it's important to put your best foot forward. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.