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Rob Porter is an editor at First Hand. Rob earned a BA in writing from SUNY Empire State College in Long Island, New York, with a focus on screenwriting. He has written advertising copy for technology companies, and has appeared in online publications covering popular culture and film.

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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: What Employers Can Do

by Rob Porter | May 21, 2024

Mental health issues can negatively impact productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. Here's how employers can help.

The Art of Applying for the Same Job Twice

by Rob Porter | May 17, 2024

In certain situations you can apply for the same job twice. Here's what you need to know.

AI Tools for Product Managers: Enhancing Efficiency and Innovation

by Rob Porter | May 15, 2024

Product managers can leverage AI tools to greatly enhance and improve workflow. Here's how.

The Benefits of Having Multiple Resumes

by Rob Porter | May 13, 2024

Job seekers will often create multiple resumes to give themselves a competitive edge. Here are the reasons why.

5 High-Paying Careers That Let You Work from Home

by Rob Porter | May 09, 2024

Job seekers are still looking for jobs that let them work remotely. Here are some high-paying careers that let you work from home.

5 Great Careers for Student Athletes

by Rob Porter | May 07, 2024

Student athletes develop unique skills that can be applied to the workplace. Here are some great career paths for student athletes.

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Coworkers: Essential Strategies for Success

by Rob Porter | May 03, 2024

Passive-aggressive behavior can lead to low morale, interpersonal conflicts, and all kinds of other problems in the workplace. Here's how to deal with it.

Mastering the Market: In-Demand Skills for Product Managers in 2024

by Rob Porter | May 01, 2024

Product managers are responsible for overseeing a product's entire lifecycle. Here are some key skills that are in demand.

Decoding Company Culture: Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

by Rob Porter | April 29, 2024

The best way to learn about a company's workplace culture is by going to the source. Here are some questions to ask while on a job interview.

Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Students and Professionals

by Rob Porter | April 25, 2024

Pervasive thoughts of self-doubt and inadequacy can have a negative impact on your work. Here's how to overcome imposter syndrome.