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Rob Porter is an editor at First Hand. Rob earned a BA in writing from SUNY Empire State College in Long Island, New York, with a focus on screenwriting. He has written advertising copy for technology companies, and has appeared in online publications covering popular culture and film.

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5 Challenges First-Year College Students Face

by Rob Porter | September 28, 2023

For many people, college is the first major step into adulthood. Here's how first-year students can overcome some of their biggest challenges.

Top Reasons Why People Left Their Employers in 2023

by Rob Porter | September 26, 2023

In the last few years, many people decided to leave their jobs in hopes of better wages, employee perks, and benefits. Here are the most common reasons why.

Dealing With Procrastination for Students and Professionals

by Rob Porter | September 22, 2023

Do you find yourself procrastinating often? Here's how to get motivated and boost your productivity.

Avoid Job Search Burnout with These Tips

by Rob Porter | September 20, 2023

Job hunting is serious business. Here's how to conduct a successful job search while avoiding burnout.

5 Awesome STEM Careers for Creative Thinkers

by Rob Porter | September 18, 2023

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of room in the STEM world for creative thinkers. Here are some great STEM careers that let you work your creative magic.

5 Great Resume Tips for Job Hoppers

by Rob Porter | September 14, 2023

Is frequent job hopping wreaking havoc on your resume? Here's how to clean it up.

Survival Tips for Returning to the Office

by Rob Porter | September 12, 2023

Returning to the office? Here are some great tips to help make the transition more manageable.

How to Change Roles within the Same Company

by Rob Porter | September 08, 2023

Love where you work but want to change roles? Here are some tips for finding a new job at the same company.

5 Signs of a Toxic Boss

by Rob Porter | September 06, 2023

Is your boss causing problems for you and your team? Here are the signs of a toxic boss.

How to Follow Up During a Job Search

by Rob Porter | September 01, 2023

It’s important to follow up after every job application or interview. Here’s what you need to know.