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Can You Use ChatGPT to Help Prepare for an Interview?

by Rob Porter | June 20, 2024

Can ChatGPT help you prepare for a job interview? Here's what you need to know.

Handling Behavioral Questions in a Law Firm Interview

by Nancy Vesta | June 17, 2024

In this post by Vault Law editorial coordinator Nancy Vesta, we offer some advice on handling behavioral interview questions in a law firm interview.

Decoding Company Culture: Top Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

by Rob Porter | April 29, 2024

The best way to learn about a company's workplace culture is by going to the source. Here are some questions to ask while on a job interview.

Cybersecurity Interview Questions and Prep

by Andrew Morkes | April 18, 2024

We highlight the typical cybersecurity interview format, interview questions to expect, and interview prep advice from top cybersecurity employers.

Internship Exit Interviews: A Guide to Answering Common Questions

by Rob Porter | April 09, 2024

At the conclusion of an internship, you might have to conduct an exit interview. Here's how to answer some commonly asked questions.

Thank You Notes After Legal Interviews

by Vault Law Editors | April 03, 2024

In this post from the Vault Law editors, we discuss the reasons to send a thank you note after a legal interview as well as tips for composing it.

Strategies for Answering Five Common Legal Interview Questions

by Vault Law Editors | March 27, 2024

In this post, we present five of the most common questions asked in legal interviews and offer tips for preparing to answer them.

How to Assess Professional Growth Opportunities During a Job Interview

by Rob Porter | March 20, 2024

If you want to learn about the types of growth opportunities a company offers, try asking these questions during an interview.

Preparing for Behavioral Interview Questions

by Vault Law Editors | March 06, 2024

In this post based on an article from Vault’s Career Guide to Law, we help you prepare for behavioral interview questions.

Do’s and Don'ts of Virtual Interviews in 2024

by Andrew Fennell | February 28, 2024

Virtual interviews can be just as nerve-wracking as in-person interviews. Find out how to prepare for and nail your next online interview.