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How to Conduct a Job Search While You’re Still Employed

by Rob Porter | June 14, 2024

There's a certain finesse to conducting a job search while you're still employed. Here's what you need to know.

Job Relocation Guide: Key Factors to Evaluate Before Making the Move

by Rob Porter | March 14, 2024

Thinking of relocating for a new job? Here are some things to consider.

How to Transition from a Full-Time Job to a Freelance Career

by Andrew Jackson | February 06, 2024

Discover practical steps and essential tips on how to successfully transition from a full-time job to a freelance career.

6 Tips for Surviving Your First Day at a New Job

by Rob Porter | February 01, 2024

Nervous about starting a new job? Here are some tips to help you survive your first day.

Job Description Red Flags: Signs to Watch Out for in a Company’s Listing

by Rob Porter | January 26, 2024

In certain cases, you can tell if a company is toxic by reading its job listings. Here's what you need to know.

Top Reasons Why People Left Their Employers in 2023

by Rob Porter | September 26, 2023

In the last few years, many people decided to leave their jobs in hopes of better wages, employee perks, and benefits. Here are the most common reasons why.

Avoid Job Search Burnout with These Tips

by Rob Porter | September 20, 2023

Job hunting is serious business. Here's how to conduct a successful job search while avoiding burnout.

5 Great Resume Tips for Job Hoppers

by Rob Porter | September 14, 2023

Is frequent job hopping wreaking havoc on your resume? Here's how to clean it up.

How to Change Roles within the Same Company

by Rob Porter | September 08, 2023

Love where you work but want to change roles? Here are some tips for finding a new job at the same company.

How to Negotiate a Better Severance Package

by Merry A. Kogut | June 27, 2023

If you think you might be facing a layoff soon, you can take comfort in knowing there are several things you can do to negotiate a solid severance offer.