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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 10, 2022


Today, we’re pleased to announce the Best Consulting Firms in Europe and in Asia-Pacific for the Data Analytics practice area.

Vault's Consulting rankings are based on a survey of more than 16,000 consultants across North America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia-Pacific (APAC); and Latin America. Over 6,000 consultants participated in EMEA and APAC surveys. Consulting professionals were asked to rate firms other than their own in 15 practice areas including Data Analytics, Environmental & Sustainability, Health Care and more. Consultants were allowed to vote for up to three firms as the strongest in each practice area.

The Top 10 Firms in Asia for Data Analytics Consulting are:

1.    Accenture Asia
2.    IBM Global Services Asia
3.    Boston Consulting Group Asia
4.    McKinsey & Company Asia
5.    Deloitte (Asia Consulting Practice)
6.    Bain & Company Asia
7.    Infosys Consulting Inc. Asia
8.    Gartner Asia
9.    Tata Consultancy Services Asia
10.  IQVIA Asia-Pacific

The Top 15 Firms in Europe for Data Analytics Consulting are:

1.    Accenture Europe
2.    Boston Consulting Group Europe
3.    McKinsey & Company Europe
4.    IBM Global Services Europe
5.    Bain & Company Europe
6.    Deloitte (European Consulting Practice)
7.    Gartner Europe
8.    Infosys Consulting Inc. Europe
9.    IQVIA Europe
10.  EY-Parthenon Europe
11. Analysis Group Europe
12.  EY Europe
13.  Tata Consultancy Services Europe
14.  Capgemini Europe
15.  Oliver Wyman Europe

International Consulting Rankings for 15 Practice Areas

In addition to Data Analytics, our 2022 Europe and Asia-Pacific Consulting Rankings highlight the top firms in fourteen other practice areas, including Environmental & Sustainability, Health Care, Financial Services, IT Strategy, Operations, and Strategy. Check back here tomorrow for the Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Europe and in Asia.