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by Stephan Maldonado | March 25, 2021


Women's History Month is not just an "observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history." It also provides us with an opportunity to reflect (and act) upon the important ways in which our systems and institutions can support women in every aspect of their lives. Moreover, it is a chance for us to examine the advancements that we've made - not to rest on our laurels, but to assess the work that still needs to be done.

The consulting industry has long made diversity and inclusion a priority in recruiting, developing, and empowering talent. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, the world's top consultancies are disrupting the status quo - investing in resources and initiatives to further the hiring, retaining, developing, and promoting of women. Vault recently chatted with women professionals at some of our top-ranked consulting firms to hear about the strides their firms are making. 

McKinsey & Co.

Emily McNabb leads McKinsey's Women's Diversity & Recruitment initiatives for North America. In the video below, she talks about McKinsey's longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion and its industry-leading research on key issues like gender parity. She also has some advice for job seekers looking for companies with long histories of celebrating diversity and encouraging employees to be their authentic selves.

Clarkston Consulting

Irene Birbeck is a partner with Clarkston Consulting who manages key accounts with leading clients in the life sciences industry. In the video below, she discusses how Clarkston invests in women through internal initiatives and resources, as well as through the support the firm provides to organizations dedicated to women's advancement across industries.


Below, Maddie Motsko, a solutions architect with LeapPoint, reflects on how the ability to bring her full self to work - her enthusiasm, her character, and her drive - has empowered her to forge deeper connections with clients and colleagues for more purpose-driven work. Ashley Jones, a solutions principal with the firm, shares some advice for finding a firm that's a good fit, emphasizing how LeapPoint's values and policies resonate with her life outside of work.

Jabian Consulting

Erin Smith, a director at Jabian Consulting, encourages job seekers to do their research when looking for the right firm: to find out how they value their people, especially women and minorities. She also discusses how Jabian champions transparency with recruiting candidates by hosting meet-and-greets, encouraging them to speak with current employees and gain an insider's perspective of the firm's values and culture.

Trinity Life Sciences

Leslie Orne - a senior partner and twenty-year veteran at Trinity - considers gender equity to be her firm's true differentiator in the life sciences consulting industry. At Trinity, two out of three C-suite positions are occupied by women, and 45 percent of the firm's management team is comprised of women. The firm as a whole is nearly 50 percent women. In the video below, Lisa Bailey - director of qualitative services and head of DEI strategy - discusses how the firm's investment in policies, programs, and resources empowers women to thrive in their careers.