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by Vault Careers | March 15, 2021


9:30 AM: Arrive at work. Get coffee, make small talk with officemate, and check emails and phone messages with secretary.

10:15 AM: Return phone calls and emails. Call senior associate with question regarding yesterday's research issue. Call duplicating to check on document review on white-collar crime case, and put them in contact with paralegal assigned to the case.

10:40 AM: Go down to document review room. There are 70 boxes of documents here, but some are out being copied. Review documents with fellow associates, looking for relevant issues.

12:30 PM: Associate Lunch in conference room. Lunch/training session is about witness interviews. Take notes and eat roast beef sandwiches. Schmooze with fellow associates about who's working for the most demanding partner.

1:50 PM: Return to office. Check emails and continue with yesterday's research issue about statute of limitations in federal court for securities fraud cases. Spend most of the time researching the issue on Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis.

4:00 PM: Take a break from the computer and go down to the document review room. Go through witness statements, expert testimony, product promotional materials, statistical data and internal memos to look for evidence of intent.

5:15 PM: Return to office and prepare for meeting with partner and rest of team.

5:30 PM: Meeting with partner and rest of team. Meeting goes long, but the focus of the research has now changed. Partner would like a memo in 48 hours on this new research issue. Update partner on document review and duplicating process.

6:30 PM: Speak with senior associate about organization and approach of new memo and how to research new issue. Check with document review room on duplications of documents. Plan out how much more needs to be done and talk with paralegal about organizing document review.

7:30 PM: If you're feeling really motivated, you can go back to the document review room. Otherwise, leave for home, knowing it will be waiting for you tomorrow!


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