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by Vault-Firsthand | July 11, 2022


The Home Depot has one of the most well-known brand names in North America. The home improvement retailer also has one of the most valuable internship programs on the continent. In fact, The Home Depot ranks No. 10 overall in our 100 Best Internships Rankings.

In addition, it ranks No. 1 in our Best Internships for Human Resources, No. 2 in our Best Internships for Data Analytics, No. 2 in our Best Internships for Sales, Marketing, and Communications, and No. 3 in our Best Internships for Information Technology, among many other rankings.

Each summer, Home Depot runs an extremely valuable internship program, allowing students to gain a wide range of hands-on experience in a variety of roles, including data analytics, eCommerce, finance, human resources, marketing, merchandising, project management, supply chain, systems analysis, technology, and more.

In the video below, you’ll hear from several former Home Depot interns in many of the above areas. You’ll hear, in interns’ own words, about the best aspects of their internship experiences, some the projects they worked on, and their favorite memories from their internships.

You’ll also learn about the family-like collaborative culture at Home Depot, the fantastic mentorship program, the always-helpful colleagues, the senior professionals’ willingness to sit down with interns and answer questions, the extensive career development resources, the meetings with high-level executives and more.

You can learn more about internships at The Home Depot here.

The post was sponsored by The Home Depot.